How Much Does It Cost to Clean Exterior Windows?

Having clean windows on the exterior of your home or business won’t just make your building look good– it can help preserve the glass. In fact, spending the money to keep your windows clean throughout the year will leave you with fewer scrapes and scratches overall. But how much does window cleaning cost? Let’s look at the answer to that question.

Is it Worth Getting Your Windows Cleaned?

Having your windows cleaned might sound like an extra expense you don’t need to pay, but consider that leaving your windows dirty can actually damage them. Any dirt and debris sitting on the surface of your windows can result in scrapes over time. 

Keeping your windows clean can also help keep your home warmer throughout the winter. While the heating difference likely won’t make up the full cost of paying for clean windows, it helps lower it a bit. 

Clear windows are easier to see through, and they’ll make your home or your business look more professional and put together. This is the largest benefit, and it’s something you’re likely to appreciate over time. But how much will cleaning windows cost you, and how often must they be cleaned? 

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Exterior Windows?

While most window washers quote a price for cleaning both inside and outside windows (usually $8-$20) per window, cleaners will just clean the exterior windows if that’s all you want. 

You’ll enjoy a discount for having just the outside portion of your windows cleaned, but you won’t save half the cost. Washing exterior windows is the most time-consuming part of window washing. Instead, you should expect to save approximately 25% of the cost versus having the inside and outside of your windows cleaned. 

Before you decide to go this route to save on costs, consider that a professional cleaning on both sides of each window will make your business or your home look the best. A full interior and exterior cleaning will help protect your windows best as well. 

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Windows Inside and Out?

The price to have your windows cleaned varies depending on the location and type, but it’s safe to assume you’ll pay between $10 and $20 per window on average. This cost includes both the interior and exterior sides of your windows. 

It’s important to be aware that third-story and higher windows will likely come at an increased cost, and specialty windows, such as French, Bay, and Bow, will come with additional charges.

The most accurate way to determine the costs of cleaning your windows is to talk with a local professional about it directly. 

How Often Should Outside Windows Be Professionally Cleaned?

On average, you should have your exterior windows cleaned at least once every six months to protect the glass and keep them looking reasonably clean. This rule-of-thumb is only good in an average location, though. 

If you live in an area with dirt roads, nearby construction, or other contaminants, you’ll need to have the windows cleaned more frequently. 

How Do You Count Windows for Cleaning?

When estimating what you’ll pay to have your windows cleaned, you need to learn to count them as the pros do. 

Learning how to count windows for cleaning is a simple skill, but it’s important to note that not all window companies count the windows exactly the same. On average, you should count basic windows like arch, casement, double hung, and transom as single windows. You can count sliding glass doors and sliding windows as two windows. Each picture, bow, and bay window on your home will likely count as three windows. 

The size of your window isn’t as important as the number of sections. That’s why you can use the technique above and a price of between $10 and $20 per window to give you a rough estimate of what you’re likely to spend paying professionals  to clean your windows. 

What Does Window Cleaning Include?

Now that you know how much it costs for window cleaning, you’re probably wondering what the cleaning includes. Most professionals use a special tool to remove your window screens to fully access the glass. Then they wipe down the frames of the windows, followed by carefully spraying and washing the glass fully. This process leaves you with streak-free windows you can be proud of for months after. 

How to Prepare for Window Cleaning

Before the professionals show up to clean your windows, there are steps you can take to help the process go smoothly. Begin by wiping down all your blinds or washing them to remove dust. This ensures your freshly cleaned windows aren’t contaminated. 

Remove any decorations, window hangings, or any other objects in the way of your windows. Clear the way to any windows, so they’re easily accessible inside and out. Look closely at your blinds and screens to see if they are in need of cleaning too. Most companies will offer these cleaning services for a small upcharge. 

Does Window Cleaning Include Blinds or Other Extras?

You might be hoping for extras such as blind cleaning or screen washing when having your windows cleaned. It’s important to note that standard window cleaning quotes won’t include those added services. If you want your blinds cleaned, and the company offers that service, you’ll have to pay an added fee to have the work completed. 

How S&K Building Services Inc. Can Help with Professional Window Cleaning for Your Home or Business. 

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