How Often Should You Clean Commercial Windows?

While commercial windows certainly require more than a simple annual cleaning, there is no magic number of window cleanings that applies to every building. The answer to how often you should clean commercial windows depends on a building’s location and its corresponding exposure to weather and traffic, as well as its design. Generally, it’s recommended that commercial windows are cleaned anywhere between twice a year and every few weeks. 

At the bare minimum, commercial window cleaning should be performed by professionals and cleaned both externally and internally twice a year. These cleanings remove buildup from air pollution, weather, and foot traffic to protect the windows’ longevity and provide greater curb appeal. These cleanings can also serve as an inspection of the windows so clients can know when to replace their windows. 

Now, these bare minimum cleanings won’t provide the same effect as regular cleanings. After hiring a cleaning service, the professionals will provide an assessment of the windows to help clients understand how often their exterior and interior windows should be cleaned. They will analyze the building’s exposure to different elements, including the weather and air pollution. For buildings with high exposure to construction, car exhaust, and factory pollution, as well as strong winds, rain, or snow, the professionals will more likely call for more frequent cleanings for the exterior windows. Furthermore, for buildings with heavy foot traffic, professionals may deem more frequent interior window cleanings necessary. 

In addition to uncontrollable elements related to the location of a building, a building’s design can also impact the assessment. While intricate building designs can boost a building’s curb appeal, these designs can also make a building more prone to collect dust and grime. A unique building design deserves to have windows that shine. 

These frequent professional window cleanings don’t solely provide commercial windows with a sparkling finish, they also provide structural benefits to the windows. The prolonged presence of dirt and grime can wear down and damage windows. When windows are worn down, a building’s energy efficiency decreases and the structural integrity of the windows may call for replacements sooner rather than later. The consequences of infrequent window cleanings can be costly. 

After an assessment of your commercial windows, professional window cleaning services work with you to create a cleaning schedule that best suits the needs of your windows and your budget. Neglecting commercial windows can have costly consequences that no one wants. Investing in frequent maintenance performed by quality professionals can benefit a building’s long-term expenses, curb appeal, energy efficiency, and more! With these cleanings, it’s integral to address both the interior and exterior windows. While a building’s exterior windows often face harsher elements, the dust, dirt, and grime of interior windows can build up to unexpected amounts.

With frequent cleanings done with only the best window cleaners, your building’s interior and exterior windows can thrive. For a professional window cleaning performed using highly specialized techniques and supplies, contact a local window cleaning company and let them help you treat your windows’ needs.

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