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Professional, commercial, and residential window cleaning services in Rochester, New York, and Western New York. Rochester S&K Building Services also provides atrium window re-caulking and sealing, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning services. 

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Our Rochester cleaning professionals are always on time and provide detailed work done to your expectations. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee makes your happiness our top priority. 

We provide residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, atrium window re-caulking and sealing, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning services to businesses in Rochester, South Marketview Heights, Brown Square, Upper Falls, Corn Hill, South Wedge, Cobbs Hill, Genesee-Jefferson, Edgerton, and Homestead Heights. 

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Residential Window Cleaning in Rochester

Improve your property’s value and the health of your windows with streak-free residential window cleaning. 

  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Window frame cleaning
  • Safe and efficient practices
  • Clean hard-to-reach places

Commercial Window Cleaning in Rochester

Make your business stand out by restoring light in your space, improving the view, and achieving better curb appeal.  

  • High-rise window cleaning
  • High-quality equipment for safety and effectiveness
  • Streak-free shine inside and out
  • Remove tough dirt and stains

Rochester Window Washing FAQs

Are Professional Window Cleaners Worth It?

Professional window cleaners are well worth it. Professionals use high-quality cleaning products and tools that get the job done safely and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about tedious scrubbing or any dangerous falls when you hire a service to do the job. If you’re in the Rochester, New York, area, our professionals will help with all your window cleaning needs. 

What is the best way to maintain windows in Rochester, NY?

The best way to maintain windows in Rochester, NY, is to lubricate each slider, replace worn and cracked caulk, and fully clean the inside and outside of your windows. If you do each of those things, you’ll prevent water intrusion while keeping your windows functioning well. You should consider hiring window cleaners once every three months to keep your windows in the best condition.

How much does it cost to clean windows in Rochester?

It costs between $8 and $12 per window to have your windows professionally cleaned in Rochester, NY. If you hire cleaning professionals, you should expect to pay at least $8 per window, and that price will increase as the windows become more complex or for windows located up high in your home.

How Do You Clean Large Dirty Windows?

Professional cleaners will use squeegees with a cleaning solution of water mixed with ammonia or vinegar to help clean tough stains on large dirty windows. Depending on the type of stains, a couple of pass-throughs with the squeegee and cleaning solution may be needed to do a thorough job.