What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

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If you’re a homeowner looking to clean your windows efficiently, you may wonder where to start. The trick is to learn how professionals clean windows and use the same tools and techniques.

But what tools and window cleaning solutions do professional window cleaners use? And will getting the right tools to enable you to achieve professional results? Find out below. 

How Do Professional Window Washers Clean Windows?

Professional window washers apply pro-grade tools and a proven cleaning solution to achieve flawless results while cleaning large and small windows inside and outside of residential and commercial buildings.

Do Cleaners Use the Same Process on Outside and Inside Windows?

It’s important to realize that the best way to clean interior windows isn’t the same as the best way to clean exterior ones. When cleaning inside windows, the clear winning combination of tools is a scrubber and squeegee. This combo is fast and effective. When cleaning outside windows, many professionals prefer a water-fed pole setup to squeegee and scrubber tools. 

A water-fed pole is more expensive, requires a water tank and pump, and is more difficult to learn to use, but it’s superior when cleaning hard-to-reach windows. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows without Streaking?

Interior windows should always be cleaned using a professional squeegee and scrubber tool for a streak-free clean. Exterior windows can be cleaned the same way but can also be cleaned using a water-fed pole for clean results without streaks.

What Do Window Washers Use to Clean Windows on Tall Buildings?

If you want to know how to clean outside windows you can’t reach, there are a few techniques that professional window cleaners use. The most common is a water-fed pole cleaner mounted on an extendable pole for easy access to exterior windows. This setup requires significant investment into tools and training but makes cleaning high windows simple. 

The next most common option is a pair of squeegee and scrubber tools mounted on poles. Professionals can operate these tools on poles as long as 30 or 40 feet with good results. 

It may also be possible to clean certain outside windows from the inside, but this is only for windows that can be opened wide to reach out from the inside. 

What Tools Do Professionals Use to Clean Windows?

The only tools needed to clean windows are a squeegee, a scrubber, and a window-washing bucket for the cleaning solution. These simple tools can be used to clean all interior windows and first-story exterior windows. 

For higher windows, you’ll need an extendable pole or a ladder for the necessary reach. Some professionals also use a water-fed pole to clean hard-to-reach windows, but this setup requires a water tank, a reverse osmosis filtration system, and a pump to operate in most locations. 

Professionals use a few different types of window washing tools to attain impressive cleaning results, but you must understand how to use the tools to get professional results. 

What Is the Best Professional Window Cleaning Solution?

As a homeowner looking to achieve clean windows, it’s natural to ask, “What do window cleaners use in their water?” The answer to this question might surprise you. The best professional window cleaning solution isn’t some complex chemical blend or a specialized solution from the cleaning supply store. The best window cleaning solution is a simple blend with basic ingredients you likely already have. 

The most common professional window cleaning solution recipe is filtered or distilled water and dish soap. Just a few spoonfuls of dish soap is all that’s needed to create foam for gliding and to help break up any grease and dirt on the glass during cleaning. This blend is a reliable cleaner, but you can improve the recipe by adding Jet Dry. Blending in Jet Dry causes any dirt that’s removed to remain suspended in the water, so it’s removed from the glass without leaving streaks. 

When cleaning outdoor windows, some cleaners add a wetting agent such as Winsol Super Slip to the mixture to slow dry times and improve squeegee glide more. This addition is only necessary when washing windows in direct sunlight or in temperatures higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23C). 

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How do professionals wash windows?

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee and scrubber tool with a soap and water solution to wash windows. Some pros rely on a water-fed pole cleaning setup with filtered water for cleaning exterior windows. 

What tools are used to get streak-free windows?

A pro-grade squeegee and a scrubber tool can be used to achieve streak-free windows. A water-fed pole cleaning tool can also be used. 

How do you clean an impossible-to-reach window?

Utilize a water-fed pole cleaning setup on a pole up to 50 feet in length, or rely on ladders, lifts, or a crane to reach the window to clean it. 

What is the best homemade window cleaning solution?

The best option is filtered water and a well-known dish soap such as Dawn. It’s simple and effective. 

What mixture do professional window cleaners use?

Window cleaners blend distilled or filtered water and dish soap. Sometimes they also add in ammonia, a surfactant, or a wetting agent to this basic solution. 

Do professional window cleaners use Windex?

No, professionals use soapy water over Windex. 

Do professionals Use magnetic window cleaners?

A magnetic window cleaner is an innovative tool, but it isn’t meant for large-scale window cleaning. Professionals prefer a squeegee or a water-fed pole instead. 

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