What Is the Best Month for Window Cleaning?

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Whether you’re going to clean your home’s windows yourself or you’re going to hire a professional cleaner, some months are better than others for window cleaning. Most professionals recommend that you have your windows cleaned at least twice per year. If you learn which months are ideal for cleaning exterior windows, you can plan the semi-annual cleanings more effectively. 

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

If you’re planning to hire professional window cleaners, you need to know how often to have them come and clean your windows. So, how often should windows be cleaned? For most homes, it’s recommended that you have your windows cleaned twice annually, inside and out. This isn’t right for every home, though. For instance, homes on dirt roads should probably have the windows cleaned once every three months or even more frequently.

Does the Time of Year Matter for Washing Windows?

How often you get your windows cleaned is an important consideration, but so is what time of year you have the work done. Get your windows cleaned in weather that’s too hot, and you’ll end up with streaks and spots. Get them cleaned during freezing temperatures, and you’ll end up with subpar results, and you’ll pay the pros more money to deal with the extra steps they must take.

What Time of Year Should You Wash Windows?

The best time of year to wash windows is the fall and spring months. These times are optimal because, in most locations, they offer the best temperature to wash outside windows. Most pros agree that temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-24C) are best for effectively cleaning windows. 

What Is the Best Time to Clean Windows, Spring or Fall?

While we recommend you have your windows cleaned in both spring and fall, if you have to choose one of these seasons over the other, we pick spring. Spring is the best season overall for cleaning windows because windows get dirtiest during the winter. You’ll want your windows cleaned more in spring than you do during any other season. 

What Is the Best Month for Window Cleaning?

Before you schedule a window cleaning, it’s important to think about what month is best for window cleaning in your area. No one month is going to be the best month for everyone. When you’re hiring cleaners for spring and fall cleaning visits, choose a month that offers temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do that, you’ll give your cleaners the best conditions to work in. 

How Often Should I Clean Outside Windows?

The most important question you can ask yourself is, how often should my exterior windows be cleaned? That’s because you must choose the time of year your cleaners come with care. Start with cleaning once every six months, and increase the frequency if your windows are getting noticeably dirty before the next cleaning. 

How Often Should I Clean the Inside of My Windows?

Interior windows in most homes should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Some homeowners opt to have their windows cleaned more regularly than this. Others get professionals to do the interior and exterior windows and lightly clean their own interior glass in between cleanings to keep it looking fresh. 

Should You Have the Gutters Cleaned at the Same Time?

The best time to clean gutters, according to the pros, is during the spring and fall. Get them cleaned at the beginning of spring, and late fall to take care of as many leaves and sticks as possible before winter. 

What Is the Best Window Cleaner?

If you plan to clean your windows yourself, you’ll want to know what’s the best window cleaner on the market. The answer to this question will likely surprise you, though. The truth is that the best cleaner is Dawn or another reputable dish soap. When equipped with quality dish soap, mineral-free water, and the proper tools, you can effectively clean your windows every time. This is the best window cleaner for outside windows, and the best option when you want to avoid streaks too. 

Invest in the Best Window Cleaner Tools

Having the right solution is essential for effectively cleaning windows, but so is having the best window cleaner tool. We recommend a pro-grade window squeegee, along with a solution bucket long enough for your squeegee and a scrubber tool. With these items, you have what you need to clean your home’s windows effectively. If this all sounds like too much work, you can hire professionals to clean for you. If you do hire pros, look to see that they’re using pro-grade squeegees or water-fed pole systems, so your windows are cleaned effectively. 

How S&K Building Services Can Help 

To protect your windows and keep them looking good, it’s important to clean your exterior and interior windows fully several times each year. The cleaning process is tedious and takes several hours to complete. If that sounds like too much effort, you can hire S&K Building Services for expert window cleaning services. Our reliable and professional team gets the job done quickly and efficiently every time. Schedule a full cleaning visit today to preserve your windows.

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How often should you clean window sills?

Window sills should be cleaned once a week or every other week. Spray the sills down and wipe away any dust. 

When is the best time to clean the outside windows?

Outside windows should be cleaned early in the morning or during cloudy weather on a spring or fall day. 

Can you wash windows in cold weather?

You can wash windows in cold weather, but extra steps must be taken to clean windows if temperatures are freezing. Your cleaner must utilize water warmers, and you may struggle to get windows to dry properly. 

When is it too cold to wash windows?

Windows can be washed when temperatures grow cold, but it’s recommended you avoid washing windows when temperatures are cold enough for water to freeze. 

Should you wash your windows in the fall?

Yes, fall is an excellent time to wash your windows, because the temperatures are ideal. You can prepare your home for winter with a fall cleaning. 

What is the secret to washing windows?

The secret to washing windows well is to use filtered or distilled water and a professional-grade squeegee. Avoid leaving behind cleaning solutions to prevent streaks. 

How do you clean car windows in winter?

Clean your car windows using a high-alcohol glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth during the winter. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and wipe it away fully on the window to leave it clean and nearly dry. Be careful to avoid pooling liquids that may freeze. The best window cleaner for cars in winter are cleaners that evaporate very easily, because cold temperatures make evaporation less likely. 

What does window cleaning include?

Professional window cleaning includes fully cleaning the glass panes on the interior and exterior of the windows, as well as the frames and sills of the windows. Most companies charge extra to clean things like screens, shutters, and blinds. 

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