Anchor Inspections

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers with anchors installed for routine window cleaning and maintenance work will require annual inspections to ensure they stay up to code. Keeping maintenance workers safe and your building well-maintained should be a priority, so it’s important to make sure your anchors are installed properly and inspected thoroughly.

Anchor Inspections

Detailed Anchor Inspections

Anchor inspections through S&K go through all the details to ensure your anchors are well-maintained and up to date with safety standards.

  • Design inspection
  • Proper installation inspection
  • Check for corrosion, cracks, or other damage
  • Load testing for appropriate weight capacity
anchor inspections
anchor inspector

Metal Restoration

Follow Safety Regulations

Buildings with roof anchors must be inspected annually to keep them up to code with safety standards.

  • Ensure anchors follow OSHA requirements
  • Ensure safety to protect workers and prevent accidents
  • Test for structural integrity
  • Professional inspectors trained in all safety protocols

Anchor Inspections

Professional Anchor Inspection Service

Professional inspectors who are timely and provide detailed service. Anchor inspectors at S&K are highly trained to provide a thorough anchor inspection in accordance with building codes.

  • Professional service from trained inspectors
  • A dependable inspection you can trust
  • Safety-first mentality
  • Prevent accidents and minimize liability
professional inspecting anchors

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High Rise Window Cleaning

How much do you know about high rise window cleaning? For commercial buildings, window cleaning is a complex process that takes extensive planning and specific equipment. It’s not an easy job, but a well-trained, experienced window cleaner can create beautiful, streak-free windows in a manageable timeframe. There’s a lot to understand about the window cleaning industry, and it’s important to work with a service provider who checks all of the boxes. High rise window cleaning is not an easy task, and it requires specialized techniques and equipment.

High Rise Window Cleaning Cost

How much does high rise window cleaning cost? Every building has different designs and challenges when it comes to window cleaning. There isn’t always a straightforward answer to this question without collecting more information, but there is a way to better understand the overall pricing system. In order to accurately estimate this number, it will depend on certain factors involved in your building. See the most common factors below.

Height of Building

How tall is the building? The estimate for a 10-story building will be very different from a 100-story building. When a building is taller, it will require additional safety measures. It will also need a team who is specialized in working from that height. Taller buildings face stronger winds, and they are often trickier to clean. Next, what is the size of each window? If windows are larger than a standard size, they might require special equipment. Some of the tallest buildings in the world take up to six months to clean in entirety.

Building Structure

Does the building have intricate designs? Is there anything uncommon about the building’s structure? Are the windows curved in certain areas of the building? While a building’s unique features make it more captivating, it might make the window cleaning process a little more complicated. Take a look at your building’s structure, and consider any areas that might be challenging. A trusted professional can assess which aspects of the building might need special attention.

Overall Needs

What kind of team will your building need? Depending on the size of your windows and the condition of your building, your site might need a mid-large sized team to complete the project. Even the largest buildings can take many months to fully clean, and each building has different needs. If your building requires more professionals, the cost of the overall job will increase in order to complete it in the intended time frame. Chat with your service provider about your options and best practices for your building.

What Should I Know About High Rise
Window Cleaning Equipment?

You have probably seen someone cleaning a high rise building, either in person or on television. Many times, window cleaners use a stage in order to safely scale the building. Other times, window cleaners might use a custom-built tool in order to move up and down the wall. While this job might seem straightforward, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge. It’s important to note one should only attempt to clean a high rise building if they have the necessary training, resources, and insurance to do so. Along with a platform, window cleaners typically bring a scrubbing tool, buckets, cleaning solution, safety equipment, and a squeegee to work on the project. If a building has more complicated features, the list of cleaning equipment can be quite extensive.

How Are Window Cleaners Trained?

Window cleaners typically take training classes provided by their employer. These classes introduce the best technique for each type of building before they even step foot on a job site. They teach window cleaners about the different pieces of equipment and how to safely operate machinery. Safety is a top priority in this profession, and it’s important to understand how to minimize risk throughout every part of the process. In order to successfully clean windows, it’s best to have a good sense of coordination. A window cleaner should have excellent balancing skills. These professionals should feel comfortable working at any height, and they must be very aware of every safety measure along the way. It’s also paramount for window washers to work well with other members of the team in order to complete the project efficiently.

Is High Rise Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaners receive extensive training in order to perform each job safely, and it isn’t something that everyone is qualified to do. If someone does not have the right experience and knowledge, they can quickly find themselves in a high-risk situation. Professionals are thoroughly trained through how to attach each piece of equipment and safely scale each part of the building. Be sure to ask your service provider about their training process before you book a cleaning.

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