Anchor Inspections

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers with anchors installed for routine window cleaning and maintenance work will require annual inspections to ensure they stay up to code. Keeping maintenance workers safe and your building well-maintained should be a priority, so it’s important to make sure your anchors are installed properly and inspected thoroughly.

Anchor Inspections

Detailed Anchor Inspections

Anchor inspections through S&K go through all the details to ensure your anchors are well-maintained and up to date with safety standards.

  • Design inspection
  • Proper installation inspection
  • Check for corrosion, cracks, or other damage
  • Load testing for appropriate weight capacity
anchor inspections
anchor inspector

Metal Restoration

Follow Safety Regulations

Buildings with roof anchors must be inspected annually to keep them up to code with safety standards.

  • Ensure anchors follow OSHA requirements
  • Ensure safety to protect workers and prevent accidents
  • Test for structural integrity
  • Professional inspectors trained in all safety protocols

Anchor Inspections

Professional Anchor Inspection Service

Professional inspectors who are timely and provide detailed service. Anchor inspectors at S&K are highly trained to provide a thorough anchor inspection in accordance with building codes.

  • Professional service from trained inspectors
  • A dependable inspection you can trust
  • Safety-first mentality
  • Prevent accidents and minimize liability
professional inspecting anchors

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