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Professional, commercial, and residential window cleaning services in Erlanger, Kentucky, surrounding areas in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Southeastern Indiana. Erlanger S&K Building Services also provides glass restoration, pressure washing, and house washing services.

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Our Erlanger cleaning professionals provide timely service that is done to your exact specifications. Your satisfaction is our priority with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We provide residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, glass restoration, pressure washing, and house washing services to businesses in Erlanger, Burlington, Florence, Hebron, and Cincinnati.

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Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Improve your view and longevity of your windows with a thorough cleaning from the inside out. 

  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Restore light in your space
  • Clean windows of any size, even ones that are hard to reach
  • Efficient service to avoid disrupting business operations

Pressure Washing

Improve curb appeal and give your property a fresh look with professional pressure washing. 

  • Removes stains, dirt, and debris
  • Maintain your property’s condition
  • Cleaned with care by trained professionals

Glass Restoration

Get a broad spectrum of glass repairs done with ease by trained professionals who follow all safety regulations.  

  • Ensure proper installation
  • Repairs using high-quality materials
  • Quick repairs so you can get back to business

Frequently Asked Questions

What are High-Rise Window Cleaners Called?

Professionals who clean high-rise windows can be referred to by many different names, including high-rise window cleaners, skyscraper window cleaners, window cleaning professionals, or commercial window cleaners. The equipment cleaning professionals use to reach high-rise windows are aerial lifts, such as a bosun’s chair, scissor lift, or cherry picker. The tools they use to clean windows are called squeegees or scrubbers. 

Is Power Washing a House a Good Idea?

Power washing is a great way to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior. Power washing will improve your home’s curb appeal and help maintain its condition by removing dirt and debris that can build up over time. Cleaning professionals at S&K can get your home power-washed quickly while ensuring everything is done safely by following proper protocols.  

What is the Best Month to Power Wash Your House?

You should try to get your house power washed during warmer months to ensure the water doesn’t freeze on the house after the job has been completed. Aiming to power wash your home between March and November is the best time of the year for it. 

How Do Skyscraper Windows Stay Clean?

Like any type of window, skyscraper windows can build up dirt that needs to be cleaned. The best option to clean windows on tall buildings is to hire a professional cleaning service. Window cleaning professionals have the necessary tools and training to do the job safely and efficiently.