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What do you want people to notice when they walk into your building? The environment and overall cleanliness of your space projects professionalism and will have an impact on your guests first interaction with you and your business. In order to create a positive experience, it’s best to eliminate things that could possibly distract your visitors from the main goal of their visit. If your windows have dirt, grime, and smudges, it might leave a less than shiny first impression for your guests.

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Window Cleaning 101

Proper window cleaning is essential for keeping homes and businesses looking good. Dirty windows age faster, which means it’s essential to keep them clean if you want them to last. But what does window cleaning include, and should you do it yourself or hire someone? This article takes a deep look at window cleaning, including how it is done, how professionals do it, what tools it requires, and how you can find the right professional to clean your home or business. Let’s dive in.


What Does Window Cleaning Include?

Window cleaning includes rubbing on a solution with a scrubber of some sort and then wiping the solution and grime away with a squeegee. It’s a simple process, but doing it well can take a lot of practice. 

Professionals can achieve great results a lot more quickly than an amateur. When professionals clean windows, services can include interior and exterior cleaning services. Professionals are also uniquely equipped to reach difficult to access windows, including those on sky rise buildings.


What Are The Benefits of Clean Windows?

Both home and business owners may ask, “Is it worth getting windows cleaned regularly?” The answer to this question is almost always yes. Having clean windows makes them more attractive and functional, it also extends the lifespan of your windows. Additionally, regularly cleaning your windows can lower amounts of dust and other pollutants in your home or business. 

The benefits are most pronounced when your windows are cleaned with the proper equipment and cleaning solution. This is why many home and business owners choose to hire professionals to get the job done right. 

Most Common Types of Window Cleaning Equipment

If you’re wondering, “Which is the best tool for cleaning windows?” The answer is that a well-made window squeegee is the most important tool. This is followed closely by microfiber towels and scrubbing pads. With these tools, you can achieve sparkling clean windows fast.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you must spend thousands of dollars on window cleaning equipment. Instead, get a durable squeegee and learn how to use it properly. This piece of professional window cleaning equipment will enable you to achieve a streak-free finish rapidly.

Add a window cleaning pole to your collection, and you’ll have a simple way to clean exterior windows. Then, you just need a proper window cleaning solution to use with your tools.


Window Cleaning Solutions

There are many window cleaning solutions on the market, and choosing a solution to clean with is essential before you begin. Whether you’re searching for the best outdoor window cleaner or a solution for interior use, you should consider washing windows with Dawn or another dishwashing soap.

By mixing Dawn into cool water, you create a cleaning solution that glides well, cuts through dirt, and leaves you with a nice finish. This is often considered the best streak free window cleaner by professionals, and it’s affordable.

Some window cleaning professionals also rely on specialty cleaning products, but these aren’t needed for high-quality results at home.


Avoiding Streaks When Cleaning Windows

If there is one question that professional window cleaners get the most, it is, “How do I get clean and streak-free windows?” There are a few reasons streaks occur when cleaning windows, but each is simple to avoid. When wondering how you prevent streaks on glass, start by switching to cleaning using a squeegee instead of paper towels or rags.

It’s also important to only use a small amount of soap in your water. Too much can leave streaks. Speaking of your water, consider swapping it to distilled water when cleaning your windows. Minerals in water can leave behind marks, but you can avoid these by using distilled water to make your cleaner.


Can I Clean My Own Windows at Home?

Though many people prefer to hire a professional window cleaner, many homeowners decide to do the task themselves. The truth is that while it can be difficult and time-consuming to clean all your windows yourself, it is possible to do it well on your own. By investing in the right tools and learning the proper techniques, you can archive sparkling windows on your own.

Basic Window Cleaning Tools

There are dozens of different window cleaning tools on the market, but most of them aren’t worth buying. Instead, you should focus on getting the basics right.

What Equipment Do I Need For Window Cleaning?

To start with, you only need a scrubber and squeegee combo tool, a microfiber cloth, and a bucket of some sort. With those tools, you can effectively clean the windows in your home inside and out. Add on a pole for reaching windows up high, or invest in a ladder to help you do the same, and you can clean exterior windows more effectively.

What Is the Right Window Cleaning Technique?

How you clean your windows is just as important as the tools you choose to use. Begin by using your scrubber to remove any debris on your windows. Once everything is thoroughly coated, and the grime is loose, it’s time to wipe it away. Position the squeegee vertically on the top left of the window. Slowly slide the top end of the squeegee to the right to drag the moisture and give it an angle downward. Now, drag the squeegee to the right to push the water down. Use a back-and-forth motion to move all the water down the window to the lower corner, where you’ll wipe it away with a rag.

 Cleaning your windows yourself can be challenging, but with the proper tools and techniques, you can do the work effectively. If you’d rather avoid this process, you can always hire professional window cleaners to do the work for you.


What Do Professional Window Cleaners Do?

If you’re looking to make a career change, you may be surprised to know that being a professional window cleaner can be very lucrative. Professional window cleaners will likely always be in-demand, and a window cleaner is able to earn a good hourly rate as well.

This is only true for professionals with the right skills and tools to get the job done well.


Becoming a Window Cleaning Professional

If you would like to become a professional window cleaner, you need to understand the proper technique, have the right equipment, and also be able to market your business properly.

How to Clean Windows Professionally

Professionally cleaning interior and exterior windows is mostly about using the right technique. It’s easy to get the tools and the cleaning solution necessary to effectively clean windows. What isn’t easy is mastering the technique that’s required to achieve a streak-free finish.

To clean interior windows professionally, insert a squeegee and scrubber tool into a bucket with solution. Remove most of the water and then clean from top to bottom of the window by scrubbing and then removing the water with the squeegee. It takes time to master a streak-free squeegee technique, but once you do, you can achieve professional results every time.


How do you professionally clean exterior windows?

Follow the same technique you use with interior windows on the exterior of a building. The major difference that comes with exterior windows is having to reach up high. This is often accomplished using a pole squeegee tool. It takes time to learn to wield this pro tool effectively. It’s also important to note that exterior windows must be cleaned faster, or the solution will dry, and streaks will occur.

Part of professional cleaning means adapting to your cleaning conditions. You must adjust your technique and your supplies to match the elements and the windows. Learn about what tools and equipment will make you a pro below.

Professional Cleaning Tools and Equipment

As a window cleaning professional, you’ll need pro-grade tools and equipment to achieve professional-level results. Fortunately, the list of equipment you’ll need isn’t too long.

Vital Pro-Grade Tools and Equipment:

  •     Combination squeegee and scrubber tool
  •     Microfiber rags
  •     Wide window washing bucket
  •     Squeegee pole kit
  •     Any necessary ladders and scaffolding

 As long as you have access to all the equipment listed above, you have what you need to clean windows properly. It’s going to take you time to develop the necessary skills to achieve professional results with these items, but as long as you choose pro-grade equipment, you will have what you need to do the job well with enough training.

What Are The Best Cleaning Products?

One of the most common questions that new cleaners ask is, “What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?” The answer to this question is that they use soapy water in most instances. This simple solution works for cleaning most windows when combined with the proper tools, equipment, and skills.

Both interior and exterior windows can be cleaned effectively using soapy water, though exterior windows benefit from a special agent that slows drying times.

Some pros use pro-grade window cleaning products to get the job done, such as Easyglide glass cleaner by Unger. They aren’t necessary, though, and most experts opt for a high-quality soap and water solution instead.

When Should You Hire a Window Cleaner?

When you want the windows in your home or business to be cleaned to perfection, hiring a professional saves you time and effort. Whether you need residential or commercial window cleaning, you can find local professionals that are prepared to clean your windows with a simple internet search or phone call. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Even though most homeowners and property owners can clean their own windows effectively, the work is time-consuming, and achieving a streak-free finish is difficult to do.

If you want your windows to look professional and clean, you are better off hiring an expert window cleaner. With help from the best residential window washers, you’ll have all the windows in your home cleaned rapidly.

Properly cleaned windows last longer, look cleaner, and function better. Cleaner windows allow more light into your space and will work to make your home or business more enjoyable to use as well.

Is There a Difference between Residential and Commercial Cleaners?

There are two different types of professional cleaners, residential and commercial. Both types of professionals know how to achieve streak-free professional-looking windows, but you’ll want to hire the right provider to match your property type.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Residential window cleaning services specialize in washing first and second-story windows on residential homes. These cleaners are better at washing smaller windows, and they normally have special poles and extensions to help them reach high exterior windows.

If you want your home’s windows cleaned, contact a local residential window cleaner. Skilled residential cleaners will know how long it will take to clean your home and will have all the necessary tools to do the job fast.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Along with residential window cleaning services, there are many commercial providers. These experts often have larger cleaning tools meant for the oversized windows on office buildings. They’re efficient and have the required skills to leave your business looking clean and professional inside and out. When you want your company to look its best, a commercial window cleaner is an excellent investment.

How Much Do Professional Cleaners Cost?

The cost to have your windows cleaned varies based on your home’s size and the type of windows you have. On average, window cleaning prices range from $150 to $300 per home. These prices vary depending on location and the size of the home. 

Determining Residential Window Cleaning Prices In Your Area

The best way to determine window cleaning prices in your area is to call local professionals for a quote. While you can expect to pay between $2 and $7 per window pane, these prices vary based on location and the type of windows you have.

It’s also important to note that interior window cleaning prices are less costly than exterior cleaning prices. If you need professional window cleaning services, be sure to talk with multiple experts to get reasonable prices.

What Is a Good Price for Commercial Window Cleaning?

The price for commercial window cleaning can vary by location, the number of windows you need cleaned, etc. If you have a commercial property with dirty windows that need cleaning, you’ll want to determine the window cleaning cost before hiring experts. This cost is often similar to residential prices. The differences in prices tend to start with a large number of exterior windows or high rise windows. Count all of your interior and exterior windows that you want cleaned, noting if any of them are high up. Then, call some local commercial window cleaners for quotes before committing to a company. 


How S&K Building Services Can Help Maintain Your Residential and Commercial Windows

S&K Building services is proud to have an experienced and professional team of window cleaners. We work quickly and efficiently to keep your windows clean and in good condition. Contact us today to get a quote for your residential or commercial window cleaning project. We’d love to discuss how we can meet your window cleaning needs at a fair price.


Window Cleaning FAQs

How much should I pay someone to wash my windows?

You should expect to pay between $10 and $20 per window.


How much does it cost to clean the inside and outside windows?

Interior windows cost close to $10 each, and exterior cost $20 each on average.


How much does it cost to clean all the windows in a house?

On average, you can expect to spend $10 per 100 square feet of home, but these prices range from $2 to $7 per window pane.


What Is The Best Cheap Window Cleaning Solution?

Finding the best cheap window cleaning products is one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face. Fortunately, the best window cleaning products are simple and low-cost to obtain.

A question we often get as professionals is, “Is Windex or Vinegar better for windows?” The truth is both cleaners work okay for cleaning windows. Vinegar cuts through most debris well but struggles with grease. Windex is good for light cleaning and won’t leave behind streaks. Soapy water works better than both of these options, though.

Our best recommendation is to mix a solution using very clean water and a few drops of soap. This is the most effective simple cleaner to create at home. 

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