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Professional, commercial, and residential window cleaning services in St. Louis, Missouri, surrounding areas in Eastern Missouri, and Southern Illinois. St. Louis S&K Building Services also provides glass restoration, pressure washing, expert safety, and anchor installation/inspection services.

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We provide residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, glass restoration, pressure washing, expert safety, and anchor installation/inspection services to businesses in St. Louis, St.Louis Metropolitan Area, St. Charles, St. Peters, Cape Girardeau, Metro East, Illinois, and Springfield, Illinois.

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Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Keep your windows in good condition and improve your view with a detailed window cleaning from the inside out.

  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Window frame cleaning
  • Clean large, small, and hard-to-reach windows
  • Quick service with safety as a priority 

Pressure Washing

Remove dirt, debris, and stains from the exterior of your property to give it a fresh look.

  • Improves curb appeal
  • Keep your property in good condition long-term
  • Provides a thorough cleaning
  • Protocols for safety and avoiding property damage

Glass Restoration

Efficiently repair a broad spectrum of glass issues with trained professionals who follow proper safety protocols.   

  • Safe and effective installation methods
  • Use high-quality materials for longevity
  • Efficient repairs so you can get back to business

St. Louis Window Washing FAQs

When is the best time of year to wash my windows in ST. Louis, MO?

Whenever you have your windows cleaned, you want the outside temperatures to be warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also ideal to have the windows cleaned when temperatures are below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Any months between May and October work well in Saint Louis, Missouri , but you should think about having cleaners in during the Fall and Spring months for the deepest and most long-lasting clean.

Which month is best for window cleaning?

Months in the spring (March, April, and May) and fall (September, October, and November) are the best time to get your windows cleaned. The mild temperatures in these months are better for the health of your windows when scrubbing and applying water compared to times with abrasive heat or freezing cold. 

What is a fair price for window washing in ST Louis??

Expect to pay as little as $7.00 per window and as much as $11.00 per basic window in Saint Louis. These prices are for only the simplest windows, and multi-pane windows, complex window designs, oversized windows, and second-story windows all come with higher prices. Ask your desired cleaning company for a quote to find a St Louis window cleaner that will give you a fair deal.

Can you damage concrete by power washing?

You can damage concrete by power washing. However, this only happens when you aren’t using the best practices for power washing. Typically concrete damage from power washing is caused by using the wrong nozzle, spraying too close to the surface, using excessive water pressure, or spraying on the same spot for too long. Power washing professionals at S&K are highly trained to prevent any damage from occurring while washing any type of surface.