Anchor Installation Services

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers require regular maintenance to keep up a professional look and feel. If you want to have window cleaning and other routine maintenance on your building performed safely and efficiently, anchor installation is the solution. Installing anchors helps cleaning technicians use ropes and lifts to access windows and other areas of your building while performing maintenance tasks to keep your building in top condition.

Anchor Installation

Follow Safety Regulations

Fall protection systems are required for roofers, window washers, and other maintenance professionals on tall buildings.

  • Follow proper OSHA safety requirements
  • Anchors that support at least 5,000 pounds
  • Annual inspections for anchors
  • Minimize liability and safety concerns
an anchor installation technician
anchors on a roof

Anchor Installation

Proper Anchor Installation Process

At S&K, we use proper practices for anchor installation that ensure safety and ease of use for all maintenance jobs.

  • Determine the proper anchor location
  • Use of heavy-duty bolts and epoxy to secure anchors
  • Make anchors even with the roof
  • Form a watertight seal around anchors for a solid foundation

Anchor Installation

Professional Anchor Installation Service

Professional and dependable service to install anchors in accordance with building codes. At S&K, our anchor installation technicians are timely and highly trained in safety regulations.

  • Reliable anchor installation technicians
  • Install anchors with careful consideration
  • Follow all safety codes and regulations
  • Efficient installation using best practices
an anchor installation professional on the job

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