How Do I Estimate a Pressure Washing Job?

If you want to know what you’ll spend on pressure washing services, it’s helpful to know how to estimate a pressure washing job ahead of time. There are simple techniques you can use to get rough cost estimates for residential and commercial pressure washing services. You can estimate the time it will take to have your home or business washed and multiply that time by an hourly rate, or you can measure the square footage of your space and multiply it by a per-foot rate. 

Most professionals charge a per-square-foot rate, but not all. Some charge an hourly rate instead, which is why it’s helpful to understand both methods. 

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost Per Sq Foot?

Pressure washing prices per square foot for commercial and residential services are different but similar. For residential property, you will pay approximately $0.25 to $1.00 per square foot. For commercial property, you’ll spend $0.40 to $1.20 per square foot. These cost estimates vary, but you should spend somewhere between those ranges for each type of cleaning when hiring professionals. 

The cost you pay depends on what area of your home or business you’re having cleaned as well. Something challenging like the roof or the gutters will have a higher price than the siding or driveway of your space. 

How Much Does Pressure Washing a Driveway Cost Per Square Foot?

One of the most common surfaces to have cleaned is a driveway. You will spend an average of $200 to $350 for a regular-sized driveway when hiring pressure washing professionals. Some companies will charge a flat rate cost to pressure wash and seal a driveway, but others only offer the cleaning service. If you want the driveway sealed as well, you should double the cost you would have paid for pressure washing alone for an accurate estimate. 

The cost of pressure washing a driveway per sq ft ranges from a low of $0.20 to about $0.80 on the high end. These costs are similar for residential and commercial properties, but commercial spaces tend to have much larger driveways that need cleaning. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Pressure Wash a Home?

If you’re wondering how long pressure washing should take when you hire pros to clean your home, the answer is not very long at all! You can expect professionals to have your home’s exterior clean in less than a day. A 2000-square-foot house only takes between three and five hours to wash on average, making it a reasonable task for a team to handle in half a day. 

How Many Square Feet Per Hour Can You Pressure Wash?

The type of surface you’re cleaning determines how fast you can pressure wash the space, but you can reasonably expect to wash between 500 and 1,000 square feet of space per hour with good equipment and years of experience operating it. This is how professionals can complete driveways in less than one hour and finish cleaning a home in just a few hours. 

Pressure washing costs vary based on the worker doing the job, how long the work takes, what your home or business is like, and the area you live in. All these variables help determine the average cost of pressure washing in 2023. 

What Is the Average Pressure Washing Cost in 2023?

There are different average costs for different pressure washing tasks. These costs are determined by the square foot or through pressure washing prices per hour. 

If you want hourly prices, you can expect between $60 and $120 an hour for residential cleaning or at least $200 to up to $500 per hour for commercial cleaning. 

Average Driveway Cost

An average driveway is 650 square feet in size. To have this cleaned, you should expect to pay between $200 and $350 for an hour or two of hard work. You can get a pressure washing driveway estimate calculator to figure out how much your specific driveway will cost, but you can rely on this range if your driveway is of a similar size. 

Average Home Exterior Cost

An average home is approximately 2,000 square feet today. It would cost about $400 to $2,000 to have pressure washed by a pro. A good pressure washing estimate calculator may be able to help you get a more accurate quote for your home and your area. 

Average Deck Cost

Deck pressure washing prices rates vary from a low of $0.30 per square foot to $0.80 per square foot. Since the average deck is about 350 square feet, you’ll spend $100 to $250 having it pressure-washed professionally. 

Average Roof Cost

Roofing tends to accumulate dirt and grime and can even grow moss, mold, and other nasty compounds if it’s made from traditional shingles. This is why it’s helpful to get it pressure washed annually. To have your roof washed, you’ll spend between $0.40 and $1.00 per square foot. It’s costly to have this task done, and you should expect to pay about $1,000 for an average home and up to $3,000 for a large house. 

Hopefully, this pressure washing price guide gives you some accurate estimates you can rely on to determine what you’ll spend having your home or business cleaned. 

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