How Do Professionals Clean Glass?

Have you ever wondered how professionals clean glass so effectively? It almost seems like magic how they leave the glass spotless with no signs of streaks or smudges. It takes the right equipment, extensive training and a specific technique to achieve clean windows. If you’re wondering how professionals clean a commercial building’s windows, we’re breaking down how to clean glass windows from outside.

The goal is to have spotless windows, and the overall technique might vary slightly depending on the provider. Most window cleaning involves the use a liquid detergent solution, a bucket, a lambswool tool, and a squeegee. It might be surprising to hear that many professional window cleaners prefer to use a window cleaning solution that is made by pouring a couple of gallons of warm water into a bucket and adding roughly a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Then, professionals will use a lambswool tool and soak it in the detergent solution before carefully moving the tool across the windows. After the windows have been effectively wiped with the lambswool tool, professionals will use the squeegee to remove any excess solution.

These techniques are highly specific, especially when it comes to high rise and commercial buildings. It takes extensive training to be able to safely scale and clean the outside of a commercial building. Professionals arrive on site with specialized equipment that sets professional window cleaners to work in the safest conditions possible. Every professional window cleaning company should also have a comprehensive insurance plan before they start on a project.

It is integral to use the recommended detergent solution, which will vary depending on the type of window and general building conditions. While fancy sprays, cleaners, or vinegar solutions may appear attractive, many professional window cleaners find the most success with dishwashing liquid and water. This is one of the best solutions for streak-free window cleaning, and it won’t leave harsh chemicals on your windows. If you’re cleaning at home, this advice will vary slightly when it comes to cleaning shower glass with hard water stains. To clean your glass doors in the shower, you can add white vinegar or baking soda to your detergent solution. For commercial window cleaning, most professionals believe that a gentle, effective window cleaning solution is the best option.

Some professional window cleaners prefer lambswool tools, but some residential window cleaners use microfiber depending on their specific strategy and cleaning solution. Professionals will soak these towels, rags, or lambswool tools in the solution until they are saturated, and then wipe down the windows. It is often recommended to swipe the windows in an S-like shape to get every spot. A high rise building requires a more specialized technique depending on various factors that the window cleaners consider ahead of time.

After wiping the windows, there is typically an excessive amount of water or solution. It’s important to avoid water drop marks or any leftover streaks on the glass by using a squeegee. This tool will remove these excess marks and provide the finishing touches. Cleaning glass, both inside and outside is a large task, and a professional window cleaner can help you achieve your goals with the right tools and techniques.

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