How Do You Clean Windows Commercially?

Have you ever taken a look at a commercial building and wondered how they clean those dirty and out-of-reach windows? Well, it often isn’t the employees working in the commercial office that are doing the cleaning, but rather a professional window cleaning company. Your local commercial window cleaning company can provide you with an assessment of the windows, a schedule for regular maintenance, the tools, and the knowledge needed for crystal clear windows.

To begin cleaning commercial windows, a professional cleaning company must first assess the building and its surroundings. This will allow the company to understand the amount of dust, dirt, and grime the windows are exposed to, as well as any structural nooks and crannies that serve as the perfect holding place for such dirt. After this assessment, the cleaning company will work with the client to decide on the frequency of cleanings for both the exterior and interior windows, the specialized techniques needed to clean, and the pricing for all customized plans. 

Professional window cleaners rely on ladders, ladder stabilizers, tool belts, liquid detergent solutions, buckets, lambswool or microfiber tools, glass scrapers, and squeegees to clean most commercial windows. For high-rise windows, professional window cleaners rely on movable platforms or Bosun’s chairs along with related safety equipment. Professional window cleaners use their rigging equipment to provide not only the best window cleaning services but also the safest services for windows at larger heights. 

The cleaners begin by preparing the detergent solution by mixing a couple of gallons of warm water and roughly a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid together in a bucket. This easy-to-make solution is generally recognized as one of the best window cleaning solutions even amidst the many options on the market. They then soak the lambswool tools in the solution. After preparing the detergent solution and tools, the professional cleaners climb onto whichever rig best suits the height and location of the windows while carrying their materials on tool belts. 

Once at the windows, if there’s any built-up or caked dirt on the windows, then professional cleaners will use a glass scraper to scrape the dirt off. Then, they will soak the windows in the detergent solution with the lambswool tools. They move the tools in a forward motion, making sure to never drag the tool backward. After the windows have been soaked, they use the squeegees to remove the excess water. The cleaners start at the left corner and move the squeegee in a similar forward motion that mimics a snake. They often hold the squeegees at roughly 45 degrees off of the windows, ensuring constant pressure. Professional cleaners will also use a clean, dry microfiber or lambswool tool to wipe the edges and any leftover water marks. 

For the best and fastest way to clean windows, look towards your local window cleaning company and schedule an assessment. Your local professionals will provide you with all the answers you need regarding the question of how you should clean commercial windows. Ultimately, these professionals have the tools, expertise, and know-how to give any commercial building sparkly windows.

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