How Often Do Skyscraper Windows Get Cleaned?

When it comes to window cleaning, skyscrapers require specific equipment, training, and experience.  With their towering heights, high-rise window cleaning can appear to be a complicated venture. However, with the right cleaning company that has professional, certified cleaners, even the tallest buildings can have sparkling windows. 

Due to the size, design, and location of skyscrapers, the cleaning of high-rise windows is a highly specialized task that requires professional cleaning. These professionals rely on specific rigs that allow them to move up and down a building safely and with ease. These rigs often involve moveable platforms or bosun’s chairs, which use a pulley system to descend the building and hold their materials. Additionally, because cleaning skyscrapers can be dangerous, professionals use safety equipment, such as safety harnesses and protective gloves. These materials are used in addition to the standard bucket, cleaning solution, lambswool tool, and squeegees typically used for the average commercial window cleaning. 

When considering how often skyscraper windows get cleaned, most professionals recommend that high-rise windows should be cleaned twice a year at a minimum. These cleanings often occur once in the spring and once just before winter. However, the frequency of cleanings for high-rise windows is ultimately a matter of preference based on the building’s exposure to dirt, its design, and its purpose. 

Before cleaning a building’s windows, a professional window cleaning company will assess the building and its location to determine how often the windows should be cleaned. If a building is near construction, populated roads, or other pollutants, it will likely require more frequent cleanings. Furthermore, while meeting with clients, a professional cleaning company will discuss the purpose of the building. If a skyscraper houses a warehouse or offices, then it will be cleaned at a different frequency than a skyscraper with medical facilities. Some recommend that standard offices be cleaned every other month, whereas medical facilities should be cleaned every month, at a minimum. 

When considering how often skyscraper windows get cleaned, you also have to consider the size of the building. Some large skyscrapers are constantly being cleaned because once professionals finish cleaning, the windows that were first cleaned are already dirty. However, this constant cleaning is not necessarily the norm, for most often, it takes roughly 30 days to clean a 50-floor skyscraper. 

Every commercial window cleaning job is different and aims to treat each building’s individual needs. Because of this, high-rise window cleaning costs differ from building to building. After the assessment of your building, a professional window cleaning company will discuss treatment plans that include the frequency of cleanings and the techniques and tools used, all of which determine the cost of the window cleaning. 

For your high-rise building’s next window cleaning, reach out to your local professionals. These professional cleaners will perform an assessment and then use their certified technicians to safely and efficiently ensure your windows are sparkling clean. Invest in frequent window cleanings, and your skyscraper will be sure to shine. 

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