How Often Should a House Be Power Washed?

How often should a house be power washed

As a homeowner, you have to know answers to questions like “How often should a house be power washed?” and “When should you not power wash your house?”. By understanding how frequently your home should be power washed and when to have it cleaned, you can enjoy the greatest pressure washing benefits for your home and avoid paying more than necessary for cleanings. 

The truth is that how often you should power wash your home is a sliding scale. The minimum you want to have your home power washed is once annually, and for most people, twice a year is the perfect amount. If you live near a dirt road, a construction site, or other contaminants, you may have to pay for pressure cleaning more often. If you live in a location with very few contaminants, once annually may be enough. These general guidelines are only for your home’s exterior, though, and not for specialty areas of your home such as the roof, driveway, decks, and other parts. Many of these have pressure cleaning schedules for you to follow. 

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Driveway?

An average driveway should be professionally pressure washed once a year. Having your driveway deep cleaned removes oil stains, built-up dirt, any grown-in plants, and other contaminants. By power washing your driveaway once annually, you’ll find it easier to spot-clean your driveway yourself the rest of the year. Have

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

A roof is more costly to pressure wash than other parts of your home, but knowing how often you should clean it will give you general guidelines to follow to keep your home in good condition. A new roof should be pressure washed for the first time within the first five years. After the first cleaning, it should be cleaned once every two or three years until it’s eventually replaced. 

What Happens If You Don’t Power Wash Your House?

You may not notice much difference if you fail to power wash your house for a year or two, but you are harming your home each year that you skip washing it down. Dirt, bird droppings, mold, decaying plant life, and more build up over the surface of your home. Many of these items are acidic and wear out the paint and other protective surfaces on your vehicle. The longer you let these contaminants sit on your home’s surface, the more harm you do to your house and all its components. Eventually, by failing to power wash your home, you’ll have to replace your siding, repair your driveway, replace the roofing, install new decking, and more. By hiring professionals to pressure clean your house, you’ll slow your home’s decay. You’ll reduce any repair needs your home has in a significant way. 

Best Pressure Washing Season

Before you start thinking about pressure washing prices per hour or you look at a pressure washing estimate calculator, take time to learn when to have the work done. There are specific times of year you should have your home pressure washed. Having your house cleaned during those times offers the maximum benefits of pressure washing while keeping your costs as low as possible. 

When Is Pressure Washing Season?

Pressure washing season comes in two parts of the year for most homeowners. Many would call these times Spring and Fall. Some homeowners in colder parts of the country may prefer having their homes cleaned in Summer, and some of the warmest locations, such as parts of Florida, have ideal cleaning temperatures in Winter. You must ask yourself, “When is it too cold to pressure wash in my area?” and the answer is when temperatures fall below freezing. Ideal temperatures for pressure washing are about 70, but as long as temperatures aren’t freezing, you can enjoy good results from a skilled professional. 

Should You Power Wash a House in Spring or Fall?

It’s best to power wash a house in mild weather, which means Spring or Fall for most homeowners in the United States. If your house is cleaned twice annually, it’s easy to schedule pressure washing near me in Spring and Fall. But what if you’re only hiring pressure washers once a year? Should you choose Spring or Fall for your deep clean? 

This question ultimately asks, “Should you power wash before or after winter?” the answer to this question is after. Your home will be the most contaminated at the end of winter, and having it cleaned at this time will help prepare you for the warm months while washing away any winter grime. Spring is the best time of year to wash your home, which also means it’s the busiest time of year for pressure cleaning companies. If you want your home washed in Spring, call early in the season to get help before the professionals are all booked up for the season. 

What Is the Best Time of Year to Power Wash a Patio?

Spring is the best time of year to power wash a patio. Just as the other parts of your home’s exterior should be washed in Spring, so should any patios, decks, driveways, and other features around your home. Try and schedule a professional to come and wash all the areas of your home at once to lower your cleaning costs. 

Hire Pros to Clean Your Home This Season

Reach out to pressure washing professionals like our team at S&K to ask for a pressure washing pricing guide and to schedule a cleaning at the beginning of the season. The sooner you call, the earlier you can schedule your cleaning. Call and lock in a quote before all spots are gone. 

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What is the best time to pressure wash a house in Florida?

The ideal time to pressure wash a house in Florida is during the Winter, Spring, or Fall when temperatures are near 70 degrees.

Should I pressure wash my house before painting it?

You should always pressure wash your house before painting its exterior. Giving your home’s siding and trim a deep cleaning will result in better paint adherence and long-term protection. 

How do you calculate the cost to pressure wash a house?

To calculate the cost to pressure wash a house, begin by determining how many square feet of space you have cleaned. Now multiply that area between $0.20 and $1.00 to get a range of pressure washing costs. You’ll pay near the low amount for siding, driveways, and patios, you’ll be in the middle for decks and fencing, and you’ll pay near the high end for roofing.

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