What Are the Different Types of Pressure Washing

Several different types of pressure washing can be used to clean a home or business. They all achieve the same results but with different methods involved. The three main types of pressure washing are pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing. Each method uses a stream of water to clean, but they rely on different elements to get a deep clean. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is cleaning different types of surfaces using an intense stream of water. Typically the water stream is pressurized at between 1,500 PSI and 3,500 PSI. The water is intense enough to remove dirt, mildew, mold, and other contaminants. Sometimes chemicals are used to treat surfaces before pressure washing them fully, but chemicals aren’t necessary to get the surface clean. 

Power Washing

Like pressure washing, power washing relies on a powerful stream of water. A power washer uses a high-pressure stream and intense heat to get a deep clean. Power washers come equipped with powerful heaters as well as a pump to deliver a high-powered stream of water to clean with.  

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a cleaning that’s typically performed with a stream of water between 150 and 300 PSI. The stream is stronger than a garden hose but weaker than a typical pressure washer. It’s enough to dislodge contaminants but only enough to achieve a deep clean when soft washing cleaners are applied ahead of time. These cleaners are made from a blend of water, bleach, and surfactants. Together they make an effective cleaner that breaks down contaminants so they can be washed away properly. 

Types of Pressure Washing Services

Just as there are different types of pressure cleaning methods, there are different pressure washing services to choose from when having your home or business cleaned. The services come at different prices, which is why you should know the pressure washing services price list for a provider you want to work with before hiring them. When you know the prices you can expect to pay, you’ll understand how much you’ll spend having your home cleaned fully. 

Pressure Washing Services Price List:

  • Roofing
  • Decking
  • Siding
  • Driveway or Patio

With this list of prices in mind, you can determine how much you’ll spend on different pressure washing services.

What Equipment Do You Need for a Pressure Washing Business?

Pressure washing services rely on several different types of pressure washing equipment to do an effective job. The most important piece of equipment is a pressure washer equipped with a triplex pump and a reliable gas-powered engine. You’ll also need different nozzles, water hoses, scrub brushes, cleaning chemicals, and a way to transport all your equipment around. 

What PSI Pressure Washer Is Best for Home Use?

The best pressure washer for home use is one that delivers a water stream at over 3,000 PSI. This level of power enables you to clean concrete, driveways, roofing, siding, and most other home surfaces effectively. The best electric pressure washer likely won’t output enough water pressure at a great enough volume to clean effectively. This is why professionals rely on gas-pressure washers to do their cleaning. 

The best commercial pressure washer is a durable unit that can deliver upwards of 4,000 PSI and more than 4.0 GPM of water flow. These units are powerful enough for industrial applications, and they can be used for most cleaning tasks. 

If you’re hoping to clean your home yourself, you can rely on a pressure washer rental to get the tool you need to do the job well. A rental isn’t cheap, though, and you have to understand how to use the tool properly to achieve good results with it. Without experience or a good understanding of the different nozzles to use and the proper distance to maintain while cleaning, you could damage your home seriously. This is why so many homeowners hire professionals to clean their homes instead. 

How S&K Pressure Washing Services Stand Out

S&K Building Services offer professional pressure washing services that deliver an effective clean fast. By hiring these pros, you get access to the best equipment operated by highly skilled professionals. You’ll enjoy cleaner results, and you’re protected by insurance just in case something goes wrong. 


What equipment do you need for a pressure washing business?

To run a pressure washing business successfully, you need a pressure washer, hoses, and transportation. It’s also helpful to have a surface cleaner and cleaning chemicals to work with as well. 

What do professionals use for pressure washing?

Professionals use a professional-grade pressure washer equipped with a gasoline-powered motor. Pro-grade units create more than 3,000 PSI of pressure and come equipped with a triplex pump system. 

What do you spray before pressure washing?

The main chemicals sprayed before pressure washing are bleach, caustic, ammonia, and potassium hydroxide. Each of these chemicals is used for a different purpose, and they work together to deliver an excellent clean. 

What is the best pressure washer for siding?

The best pressure washer for siding is a gas-powered unit that delivers at least 2,000 PSI of pressure with a flow rate of 3.0 GPM or greater. This type of pressure washer will achieve a full clean rapidly. 


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