What Is the Best Month to Pressure Wash a House?

Before you hire professionals to pressure wash your house your house, it’s important to consider if it’s the right time of year to have the work done. There are times when it makes sense to pressure wash your home, and others when it should be avoided if possible. The simplest explanation for this is that you want to avoid having your home pressure washed when temperatures will be very cold for extended periods. There are many reasons for this, and that’s why the best time of year to pressure wash a driveway or a home is when temperatures are mild.

Does the Time of Year Matter When Pressure Washing a House Exterior?

Many people ask, “what is the best month to pressure wash a house?” and the answer is any month during spring or fall. These seasons are ideal for pressure washing, and they offer the greatest number of benefits. 

Why Spring Is the Number One Time of Year You Should Pressure Wash

Spring and fall are both excellent times to pressure wash your home, and we would recommend cleaning it twice a year for the best overall lifespan. With that said, if you only want to have the work done once, you should have your home pressure washed in spring. 

Spring is an important time of year, especially in locations where it snows regularly. Ice and snow cling to the surfaces of your home all throughout the winter, and they cause issues with mold and mildew on your roof, gutters, siding, and other surfaces. When spring rolls around, you want to clean off this grime as soon as possible. The sooner you have your home cleaned, the easier the job will be to complete. 

Having your home pressure washed in spring also helps prepare for any painting or staining you plan on doing throughout the summer. You should pressure wash your house before painting it to ensure all the contaminants are removed and the paint adheres properly. Since painting and staining should be done during a dry time in the summer, having your home pressure washed in spring is ideal. 

When Should You Not Pressure Wash Your House?

Anytime is fine to pressure wash your house, other than winter. You want to avoid having your home pressure washed when temperatures are below freezing as much as you can, or your home could suffer serious damage. 

Wood that’s pressure washed in winter holds moisture and warps. There’s also a real risk that water will be forced into tight spaces around the exterior of your home during pressure washing. When temperatures fall below freezing, that trapped water expands and causes cracking, warping, and even foundational damage. If you must get your home pressure washed in the winter, hire professionals with good insurance, and make sure they cover any sensitive areas, like vents and cracks, to reduce issues with trapped water. It’s best to avoid winter pressure washing entirely if you can, though. 

Is Power Washing Seasonal?

Some people believe that since power washing uses hot and steamy water, it’s safe to do during the winter. It’s true that if you power wash a house, there aren’t as many issues with the equipment freezing, but the home is still subject to potential issues. 

The best time of year to power wash a patio is spring, followed by fall. The best temperature to power wash house surfaces that are safe for power washing is 60 degrees Fahrenheit and up. If the temperatures are at least this warm during the day, they aren’t likely to drop below freezing at night. 

How Do I Prevent My Pressure Washer Hose From Freezing?

If you’re attempting to use a pressure washer yourself, and temperatures are cold enough to freeze your equipment, you should reconsider your actions. You’re more likely to do harm to your home or your equipment than you are to do good. If you’re set on using your pressure washer when temperatures are cold enough to freeze water, wash your home during the warmest time of the day. This is normally the afternoon. Keep as much of your pressure washer hose stored in a warm space during use as possible, and consider wrapping insulation around the house during use. 

Once you’re finished running your pressure washer for the day, store it in a warm space within your home or garage. Never store your washer in an unheated location while it is drying. If you store your pressure washer in a cold location, it will freeze, and sections of the system may crack and take serious damage.

What Are the Different Pressure Washing Services?

Each professional service provider offers a set of pressure washing services. Most of these services are similar and include washing the different exterior surfaces of commercial and residential buildings. 

Commercial and Residential

Whether you own a business or you’re caring for a home, there are pressure washing services available that you can benefit from. 

Driveways and Patios

Driveways and patios are constantly coming in contact with dirt, salt, mud, grease, and more. These surfaces become significantly contaminated throughout the year and can become a slipping hazard if they aren’t carefully cleaned. Cleaning driveways, pathways, pavements, and other concrete surfaces are one of the best use cases for pressure washing services. 

Siding and Roofing

Siding and roofing should be cleaned annually, and both of these surfaces get contaminated with mold and mildew over time. A knowledgeable pressure washing service provider can get your roof and siding clean without damaging your home or business. 


There are many ways to clean out gutters, but one of the most effective techniques is to wash them out using a pressure washer. Many pressure washing providers offer gutter cleanings as one of their services, and it’s fast, effective, and leaves you with proper-flowing gutters. 

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What is the best time to pressure wash a house in Florida?

Fall is the best time to pressure wash a house in Florida. Freezing temperatures are rarely an issue in FL, and cleaning your home during fall helps you remove any mold and mildew that’s accumulated during the rainy season. 

What is the best month to pressure wash a house?

The best month to pressure wash a house in most areas is April or May. These months are the start of spring when the weather begins to warm up. They’re an ideal time to wash away the winter grime. 

How much does it cost to pressure wash a 2-story house?

A two-story house can cost as much as little as $250 and as much as $2,500, depending on its square footage, its architectural features, and its location. 

How much does it cost to pressure wash a 2,500 sq ft house? 

It costs an average of $500 to $1,500 to pressure wash a 2,500 sq. ft house. The condition of the house and the service provider selected determines what end of this scale the cost falls on

Can you power wash in the fall?

Yes, you can power wash in the fall with excellent results. Power wash the concrete and masonry around your home during the fall and clear off grease, mold, algae, pollen, and other contaminants before they get stuck during the winter. 

Can you power wash a house in the winter?

Yes, you can power wash a house in winter, but you must take extreme precautions, and there is still a risk that you’ll damage the home by washing it if the temperatures fall below freezing levels at night. It’s best to avoid pressure washing your home when temperatures will be below freezing levels at any point in the next few days. 

When is it too cold to pressure wash?

It’s too cold to pressure wash when temperatures are below the freezing point of water. That’s 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. 

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