What PSI Pressure Washer Is Best for Home Use?

What PSI Pressure Washer Is Best for Home Use?
What PSI Pressure Washer Is Best for Home Use?

A typical home is made of many different types of surfaces. Maintaining all those surfaces is challenging, and a pressure washer is the best tool for the job. While you can clean siding, decks, and other softer surfaces with the lower pressure created by a lightweight electric unit, the best PSI pressure washer for home use is the one that can tackle all your cleaning tasks effectively. For most average homeowners, that means selecting a pressure washer with 2,500 PSI or more.

What Is a Good Pressure Washer PSI for Home Use?

The best pressure washer for home use is a powerful unit that can deliver a steady flow of water that’s strong enough to clean concrete and masonry. Such a unit can be used for nearly all cleaning tasks effectively. Ask yourself what PSI pressure washer do I need for a driveway? And you have the answer for what unit to get for your entire house. 

We recommend a pressure washer with a minimum power rating of 3,000 PSI and a flow rating of 3 GPM. Most pro-grade units deliver up to 4,000 PSI with a flow rating greater than 4.0 GPM, but this is only necessary of you pressure wash for a living and need to get the work done efficiently. That’s the simple answer to the question of what pressure washer professionals use.

Consider the Pressure Washer Pump

The best pressure washer for home use is one that delivers enough power and won’t fall apart. That means getting a unit with at least an axial pump and a triplex pump is best for long-term use. Never get a unit with a wobble pump, or you’ll be replacing it very soon.

Select a Pressure Washer Based on the Engine

When trying to determine what is the most reliable brand of pressure washer, you should be considering the brand of the engine that drives it more than anything. A Honda engine is quiet and reliable. A Briggs and Stratton is louder and slightly less reliable but also dependable enough to be worth investing in. Spend more for a Honda for long-term performance, or get a Briggs and Stratton unit for less, and plan on making a replacement slightly sooner.

How Much PSI Is Needed to Clean Concrete?

One of the best uses for a pressure washer is to clean exterior concrete, but what PSI pressure washer is best to clean concrete? If you’re serious about getting the deepest clean in an efficient period of time, you need a unit that delivers more than 3,000 PSI at a rate of 3.0 GPM or more. With this level of power, you can attach a surface cleaner for even faster results. With less power, you will struggle to get the same clean. The best pressure washer for concrete is a gas-powered unit with a triplex water pump and a Honda engine. Anything that meets the PSI and flow rate mentioned above is an effective pressure washer PSI for concrete, though. 

Can You Clean Concrete with Lower Pressures?

If you have a low-powered pressure washer, you can still clean the concrete around your home, just not optimally. We always get the question, “how much pressure is needed by a pressure washer to clean concrete?” and while we recommend 3,000 PSI, you can work with less. As little as 1,500 PSI will get the concrete clean, but you need to adjust your angle and spend more time working on getting a thorough clean.

Can a 1500 PSI Pressure Washer Clean Concrete?

Yes, a 1,500 PSI pressure washer will clean concrete; it’s just a slow process. You should utilize detergent to help you get a deeper clean and to remove grease and other debris more effectively.

Will a 2500 PSI Pressure Washer Clean Concrete?

Yes, a 2,500 PSI pressure washer is nearly at the recommended power rating for cleaning concrete. It will work slightly slower than the recommended 3,000 PSI but should do just fine at cleaning most concrete surfaces. Professionals rely on more power because they want to work faster. 

With access to professional equipment, you’ll get deeper clean, and better results. If you don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on your own pressure washer, you should consider hiring professionals to do the work for you. You won’t regret hiring skilled pros once you see the results.

How S&K Pressure Washing Services Stand Out

S&K Building Services offers a number-one pressure washing service for homeowners and for commercial cleaning needs. Hire our team to clean your property, and enjoy the benefits of the best equipment operated by skilled technicians. You’ll end up with a cleaner property that lasts longer as a result. Call for your free quote today.


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