Are Window Cleaners Worth It?

Window cleaning provides numerous benefits, including a clear first impression and the maintenance of a window’s structural integrity. And, with the benefits of window cleaning comes a question: are window cleaners worth it? When considering this question, you should examine the required equipment, frequency of cleanings, and the structural soundness of your windows. Professional cleaners come with the knowledge, technology, and experience that can make a high-risk procedure safe and effective so your windows can last.

To remove all dust, dirt, and smudging on windows, established cleaners come equipped with the best window cleaners on the market. Oftentimes, professional cleaners use a handy bucket, squeegee, mop, detergent solution, and scraper to clean even the grimiest of windows. In addition to the tried and true equipment, window vacuum cleaners have also taken to the scene. The best window vacuums work to combine detergent solutions and squeegee blades into one device that provides suction to create sparkling clean windows.

While window vacuums, like the Kärcher Window Cleaner WV6, one of the best Kärcher window vacuums available, can provide excellent cleanings, many customers report that the product can leave streaks. These streaks left behind can be because of faulty equipment or techniques, such as not using microfiber cloths to wipe down window frames and dust, using the devices in direct sunlight, or not using enough cleaning solution. While window vacuums can be great for spot cleaning or casual, indoor use, nothing beats the quality of a consistent and efficient professional window cleaner who can tackle even the worst windows.

After deciding to hire a professional, you may begin to wonder how often your windows should be cleaned. While there’s no recommended universal number of window cleanings, a good estimate is that your windows should be cleaned at least a few times a year. Deciding on a number of cleanings depends on several factors, including the weather, location, and building structure. You may want to consider cleaning your windows more frequently if you live in a particularly windy area prone to strong weather patterns or dust. Or, if your building is close to construction and heavy exhaust, then the air pollution may also lead to more frequent cleanings. Specialized building structures can also require more detailed cleaning operations, which may influence the number of cleanings each year.

When deciding how often windows should be cleaned, you should also consider whether you are cleaning the exterior or interior side of the windows. Because of their proximity to dust, dirt, and grime from weather and other external factors, you may consider outside window washing the top priority. However, it is essential to note that interior windows also face similar dust and dirt and should be cleaned at least twice a year. In a consultation, professional cleaners can help you navigate the decision-making process.

After getting your windows cleaned, you may begin to wonder how often you should replace your windows. While the basic rule-of-thumb is to replace windows after about 15 years, the good news is that well-maintained windows last longer, sometimes up to 25 years. To help prevent the impact of everyday wear and tear that windows face because of dirt and debris, professional window cleanings can not only get your windows to achieve a sparkling curb appeal but can also help maintain the structural integrity of your windows.

With the numerous benefits of window cleanings, you want a professional cleaning service that provides the specialty care your windows deserve. Professional window cleaners have the proper equipment, technology, and techniques that ensure a safe and effective cleaning job for interior and exterior windows.

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