Exterior Window Cleaning Tools

When cleaning windows, the right tools make all the difference. When cleaning the exterior of your windows, you’ll depend on many of the same tools as you do while cleaning interior windows, but you’ll require additional tools as well. Learn what equipment is essential for exterior window cleaning and obtain the right gear to get each exterior window sparkling clean. 

What Are the Best Professional Window Cleaning Tools?

If you’re interested in attaining the cleanest windows it’s important to know what the best professional window cleaning tools are. Many professionals prefer Unger window cleaning tools, but the brand isn’t as important as the selection of tools and their quality. 

The Best Window Cleaning Tools Include:

  • A pro-grade squeegee
  • One or more scrubber tools
  • Window bucket (large enough to hold your scrubber tool)
  • Microfiber towels

If you have each of these tools, you have a basic window cleaning kit. These items are the basis of most sets of professional window cleaning tools. You can build on this set to make it even more capable. 

Interior vs Exterior Window Cleaning Tools

When you’re considering what the best window cleaning tools are for your needs, you must consider what you’ll use your window cleaning kit for. If you only want to clean the interior side of your windows, you can get away with fewer tools than you would need for the exterior. 

Your Exterior Window Washing Kit Should Include:

  • Extension poles of different sizes
  • Ladders
  • A combination squeegee and scrubber
  • One window bucket

You’ll need all the interior window cleaning tools plus an extension pole and ladder to make up a full set of exterior window cleaning tools. 

For some window cleaning professionals, the only addition they make to their exterior window washing kit is the addition of an adjustable extension pole. If your exterior windows aren’t too high, you may be able to clean all of them with an extension pole and avoid a ladder. 

Most extension poles don’t extend more than 30 feet, so consider this the limit before you swap to using an extension ladder. Also, note that cleaning using a 30-foot pole is difficult and takes strength and skill to do effectively. 

What Is the Best Homemade Window Cleaning Solution?

The best professional window cleaning solution is a simple mixture of soap and water. Often dish soaps like Dawn or Palmolive are used when making window washing solutions. The key to making an effective solution is only using a small amount of soap, about 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of water. You can also utilize distilled water to prevent mineral spots on your finished windows. 

Dawn Dish soap is often the basis for a homemade window cleaning solution, and it can be used on exterior and interior window surfaces. Try and use the solution on windows when temperatures are lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit when possible. When temperatures are hotter you may need to rely on a wetting agent to stop your windows from drying too rapidly and streaking. 

How Are Professional Window-Washing Tools And Window-Cleaning Equipment Different?

When you assemble the necessary professional window-washing tools, you’ll have what’s necessary for washing the windows themselves. Professional window cleaning tools and equipment include the items required to get you up to the windows as well. 

For instance, the window washing supplies would include a squeegee, scrubber, bucket, cleaning solution, and microfiber towels. Your professional window cleaning supplies would include those things as well as extension poles, ladders, and any scaffolding you might need. 

What Are The Best Window Cleaning Tools For Hard-To-Reach Windows?

There are important window cleaning tools for hard-to-reach windows that serious homeowners and window professionals should have. The number one tool is an extension pole with a squeegee and scrubber mounted on the end. This enables you to reach windows up to 30 feet above the ground without the use of a ladder. 

The next most important tools are ladders. Good extension ladders allow you to clean windows that are higher off the ground. If you struggle to use a pole to wash windows, you can rely on a ladder to get you closer. 

How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Windows from Inside

It isn’t always possible, but some windows open fully, providing you access to the exterior panes for cleaning. Open the window and use an extension pole to reach out and scrub and squeegee the windows. 

How Do Professionals Clean High Windows?

One of the most common questions we get is “how do you clean outside windows that are high off the ground?” To do this you use standard window cleaning tools along with an extension pole or ladders. Professionals spend time training to use a squeegee and scrubber mounted on an extension pole to achieve streak-free results. For extremely high windows, such as windows on skyscrapers, professional window washers will use equipment like cranes to reach the glass.

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