What Is the Best Professional Window Cleaning Equipment?

If you want to clean windows quickly and efficiently, you need window cleaning tools that will allow you to work fast and achieve streak-free windows. Fortunately, window cleaning tools aren’t expensive or complicated. 

Spend a bit of time learning which tools are essential for cleaning windows, as well as the proper technique for the squeegee tool, and you’ll start achieving perfectly cleaned windows in no time. 

Best Professional Window Cleaning Tools

Professional window washing tools make achieving sparkling clean windows simple and fast. These tools include a well-made window squeegee, a window solution bucket, and a scrubber tool. High-quality microfiber towels are also great to have.

Professional Window Washing Tools:

  • Squeegee and scrubber tool
  • Window squeegee bucket
  • Microfiber towels
  • Extension pole
  • Window scraper

Experts use these window cleaning tools to remove dirt and grime while avoiding any streaks. Once the dirty solution is wiped to the edge of the window, it’s removed using the microfiber towels for an effective clean. 

The Best Window Cleaning Solution

If you’ve ever wondered “what do window washers use in their water,” the answer is a simple soap such as Dawn dish soap. Most pros utilize distilled water and soap for effective cleaning. 

There are many commercial cleaning solutions available today, and some work well, but leading professionals usually prefer simple soap and water. Soapy water allows a squeegee to glide freely, speeding the cleaning process dramatically. 

As long as the squeegee is used properly, distilled water is used, and the cleaner removes the solution fast enough, a streak-free clean can be achieved with soap and water.

Why Use an Unger Window Cleaning Pole?

An Unger cleaning pole or another professional window pole makes it faster to clean exterior windows. This pole allows you to reach tall windows and second-story windows without a ladder or scaffolding. 

Pro-grade poles are utilized because they are more stable while being lightweight for all-day cleaning. Unger windows products are known for being durable and effective, and the cleaning poles are no exception. 

How Do You Clean High Windows With a Pole?

A large window can pose a serious problem for the average homeowner that’s cleaning. High windows or tall windows often leave them asking, “how do you clean windows high up?” The simple answer is to use a cleaning pole.

To clean with a pole, dip the end of the scrubber in a cleaning solution near the ground, then lift it up to the window. Scrub the surface of the window, then flip the tool and use the attached squeegee to clear away the soapy water for a streak-free finish. 

Consider a Window Cleaning Kit

When looking to get all the necessary tools to professionally wash windows fast, consider a window cleaning kit. These kits have all the most important tools for fully cleaning both interior and exterior windows.

Professional Window Cleaning Kits Include:

  • Window squeegee
  • Deep pile scrubber tool
  • Window scraper tool
  • Multi-length extension pole

When you obtain one of these kits from a well-known supplier such as Unger, you’ll have reliable tools you can depend on to perform for years. 

Are the Tools Different to Clean Exterior Windows?

Homeowners and new experts wonder how professionals clean windows outside, and if the process is different than interior windows. The truth is that it’s nearly identical. The same soap and water and cleaning tools are utilized. 

Some cleaners add a special wetting agent and make use of cold water to slow dry times and prevent streaks on hot days.

The only real difference is the addition of an extension pole for cleaning high windows. In some instances, ladders or scaffolding are also used.

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What is the easiest way to clean a large window?

Use a wide squeegee attached to a short extension pole to clean a large window rapidly. 

How do you clean an unreachable window outside?

Use an extension pole for most unreachable windows. For the highest windows, scaffolding or ladders are required. 

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee, scrubber brush, extension poles, and a window bucket for cleaning. 

What do window washers use to clean windows on tall buildings?

When cleaning tall windows, washers use a squeegee and scrubber on a long extension pole. 

Why are my windows streaky after I clean them?

Your windows are streaky because you aren’t using a squeegee, you’re allowing your water to dry partially before removing it.

What do professionals use to clean exterior windows?

Professionals rely on a squeegee, scrubber, and an extension pole to clean exterior windows. 

How do you clean windows that are too high?

To clean windows that are too high use an extension pole. When a pole isn’t long enough, rely on scaffolding or ladders. 

What chemicals do window washers use?

Some pro cleaners use Winsol, GLEAM, or similar washing chemicals and wetting agents. Others rely on simple soap and water. 

What do professional window washers use for soap?

Many professionals use Dawn dish soap or another well-known dish soap product. Some also utilize a specialty cleaner like Winsol instead. 

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