Is professionally cleaning windows worth it? 

If your building or home has a lot of windows, their cleanliness can make a big impact on overall appearance. Professional window cleaning may seem like a luxury, but in many cases it is vital to the lifespan of your windows and the overall look of your building or home. Professional window cleaning also lengthens the lifespan of your windows and removes any harmful allergens, such as mold. In this article, we’ll look over various aspects of residential window cleaning services. 

Why is window cleaning important?

Clean windows look great and increase curb appeal, but there’s more to it than aesthetics. Cleaning windows prevents degradation of the glass and pane, increasing the lifespan of your windows. Windows that are free of buildup and grime also provide a better view and increased heating efficiency. Additionally, window cleaning also removes allergens that can build up overtime. 

How can I find what’s included in residential window cleaning near me?

Window cleaning from professional services is more than just spray cleaner and rags. Professional cleaning teams have special tools and products as well as techniques for ensuring high-quality results. Window cleaning services will take all the screens off your windows to prepare. Professionals will then remove loose dirt and grime before applying a specialized cleaner to remove deep stains and stubborn dirt. Whatever debris that remains after this step is meticulously removed with razor blades. Finally, the service providers will squeegee the windows to provide a stellar shine and also wipe off all sills, frames, and panes. To make sure all of these services are included by your local window cleaning company, it is smart to call and get an estimate before you schedule an appointment. 

How to count windows for window and screen cleaning?

Counting windows for an estimate can get confusing for customers, especially considering that all windows are not made the same. Between arched windows, multiple panes of glass, and special window designs, you may find yourself scratching your head when it comes time to estimate a number of windows for a cleaning service. In most cases, windows with a single pane are considered one window. Multi-paned windows or specialty designs are likely to be considered a single window, but it helps to provide details to the cleaning service to get an accurate estimate. 

Door windows and arched windows are also considered single windows.  

Some instances can be confusing, like French doors and bay windows. While it may be tempting to count them as single windows, the cleaning service likely won’t. For example, a bay window will count as three separate windows due to the design, and French doors will also count as multiple windows. If you are ever in doubt or want to avoid an unexpectedly high bill, use in-person estimators to give you the final number of windows. They know how to count the windows and will be able to help provide the most accurate estimate for window cleaning services.  

What is window washing vs. window cleaning?

Window washing and window cleaning are two different things. While they sound interchangeable, it is important to know the difference between the processes. Window washing is usually a quick service of squirting window cleaner on the glass and wiping with a squeegee. Window cleaning is a bit more intensive and typically involves a chemical cleaner and additional detailing to the glass and panes to ensure better results.  

How to determine the cost of window cleaning near me?

The overall cost of window cleaning varies on a few different factors. When looking for the best residential window cleaning, you’re typically looking at $10-$15 per window or $4-$8 per pane. For a 1,500 sq. ft. house, the average cost for window cleaning services is about $250 or so. For most residential services, the cost works out to about $40-$75 per hour. This cost will increase depending on the details of the property. For example, high rises will look at significantly higher costs of up to $85 per hour per cleaner. Since taller buildings require additional equipment and workers, this brings the cost up to about $170 an hour for high rise buildings.  

Is professional window cleaning worth it?

Professional window cleaning teams have all the tools of the trade to make your glass and panes shine. These teams are also licensed and insured to protect against any accidents or damages incurred during the process. Attempting to clean windows yourself is arduous and dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. 

Paying for professional services is worth it. Professional window cleaners will make sure the job gets done right and have the experience to make sure every blemish on your windows is taken care of. Regular window washing and cleaning will preserve the integrity of your windows and keep curb appeal high. Whether hiring for a quick window wash or more extensive window cleaning, opting for professional window cleaning services will get you the best results.  

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