Should I Pay Someone To Clean My Windows?

Your home’s windows aren’t just for looking outside. They also serve as an entry point for sunlight and help warm the interior of your home on sunny days. Windows require regular maintenance for longevity, and that means cleaning them regularly. If you want window cleaning done properly, you should think about hiring professional cleaners. You’re likely wondering if it’s worth paying for professionals, and the answer is that it depends, but most likely. 

Is It Worth It to Get Windows Professionally Cleaned?

It’s essential to clean your home’s windows. Dirty windows age faster, and they’re an eyesore. Fully cleaning your home’s windows is a serious task, though, and will likely require you to purchase specialized equipment or climb a ladder. This is why it’s worth paying to have your windows professionally cleaned. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

You should pay a professional window cleaner to clean your home’s windows because they have the necessary tools to do an excellent job. A cleaner can clean the exterior sides of your 2nd and 3rd-floor windows, so you don’t have to. Professionals also get your windows cleaner, make them look nicer, and prolong their lifespan. Any dirt left on your windows can scrape and scratch the glass and will leave you with low-quality glass. 

What Do Professional Window Cleaners Do?

Professional window cleaners fully scrub and rinse off the glass on the inside and outside of your windows. They also wipe down the frame and sill of each window for a complete clean. Professionals often don’t clean shutters, blinds, or screens unless you pay extra. 

How Do I Find Professional Window Cleaners?

When you decide professional window cleaners are a worthy investment, you still have to find reliable professionals in your area. You shouldn’t start by searching for “cheap window cleaners near me,” because cheap providers don’t offer a quality finish. Instead, look for residential window cleaners with positive reviews. Talk with any prospective provider over the phone and find out what services are offered with residential or commercial cleaning. 

Most residential window cleaners and commercial window cleaners will want to come out to give you a quote for your home or business. Schedule a time for them to come to your house, and determine what it will cost to clean the windows. Get your quote in writing before the cleaner begins the job, so you know what you should expect to pay. 

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost? 

Window cleaning prices vary based on your location, the type of windows you have, and whether you need a residential or commercial cleaner. 

If you need residential window cleaning, you should expect to pay between $8.00 and $15.00 per window of your home. You may also pay an additional $5.00 for 2nd or 3rd-story windows. It’s important to note that a per-window price is for simple windows and that more intricate options such as sliding, picture, bay, or bow windows count as multiple windows.

Commercial Window Cleaners Often Charge by the Square Footage

While residential cleaners typically charge on a per-window basis, commercial cleaners often charge based on the square footage to be cleaned instead. The commercial window cleaning price per square foot is between $10 and $100 per square foot. The price varies depending on the shape and size of the structure and how difficult the glass is to access. 

You can try tools such as a commercial window cleaning cost calculator, but you won’t have an accurate price until you get a commercial cleaner out to your business. Call a commercial cleaner today and schedule a free estimate to learn what a professional cleaning will cost your business. 

How S&K Building Services Can Help with Residential or Commercial Windows

Homes and businesses both have windows that need to be maintained. Cleaning all that glass is time-consuming and difficult. Skip the hard work and talk with S&K Building Services for professional cleaning help today. Request a quote and get skilled help to preserve and maintain your windows. 

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Are storm window cleaning prices the same?

Storm windows cost the same amount to clean as most standard windows do. You may have to pay extra to have the interior of your storm windows cleaned if they are installed, though. 

What do window cleaners stand on?

Window cleaners sometimes stand on ladders while cleaning. Others rely on extension poles to do all of their 2nd and 3rd story window cleanings. 

Do window cleaners do inside and out?

Professional window cleaners normally clean the interior and exterior sides of a window. 

What is the difference between window washing and window cleaning?

Window washing is a light cleaning to remove dust and minor contaminants, while window cleaning is more thorough and only required a few times per year. 

How do you create a professional window-cleaning solution recipe?

Start by mixing several gallons of warm distilled or filtered water with a teaspoon or two of high-quality dish soap. Consider adding a teaspoon or two of ammonia for added cleaning power, one or two tablespoons of Jet Dry to help lift away dirt and spread the water, or 1 oz of Winsol Super Slip to slow dry times during hot weather. 

How do you calculate window cleaning price?

Window cleaning prices are calculated in several ways. Some companies calculate their price on a per-window basis, while others use the square footage of space to calculate the cleaning cost, and some charge by the hour. 

What does window cleaning include?

Proper window cleaning includes fully wiping down the interior and exterior glass, as well as the sills and the frame of the windows. 

How do you prepare for window cleaning?

Begin by removing any large furniture pieces near windows inside your home, and consider removing blinds, curtains, and other items that are covering your windows to help expedite the cleaning process. 

Should I pay someone to clean my windows?

It’s a wise decision to pay to have a professional clean your windows if you want them maintained at the highest level. A professional cleaner has the skills to effectively clean your windows the first time. 

How much should I pay to clean my windows?

You should pay between $8 and $15 per window to have them cleaned. Professional cleaners cost anywhere from $75 per hour to $450 per hour when they charge an hourly rate. 

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