How to Clean Hard-To-Reach Windows

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Cleaning ground-level windows isn’t that difficult to do with a bit of skill and the right tools, but cleaning high exterior windows can be a real challenge. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools and to understand the window cleaning process well. Professional window cleaners rely on extension poles for cleaning most high exterior windows. Their specialized poles are lightweight and rigid and offer the reach needed to clean windows 50 feet or even higher!

Most professional window cleaners utilize two extension poles, one with a scrubber and one with a squeegee, or a single water-fed pole system for cleaning high windows. Learn how these systems streamline the exterior window cleaning process down below.

Using an Extension Pole and Squeegee

When cleaning exterior windows up high, you can make quick work of most windows with an extension pole and a squeegee. These traditional window cleaning tools for hard-to-reach windows include a pole-mounted scrub brush that holds a large volume of window cleaning solution. When paired with a good pole-mounted squeegee, this system can be used to wash several windows before the brush must be dipped in the solution again. 

A 25 ft window cleaning pole is an average length for a squeegee cleaning system. The poles are often made from carbon fiber for lightweight performance. 

What Is the Best Extension Pole for Window Cleaning?

One of the most important window cleaning tools for hard-to-reach windows is an extension pole. The best extension poles are made from lightweight carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is rigid, strong, and light, making it ideal for maintaining control while cleaning windows up high. 

What Is a Sectioned Cleaning Pole

Professional cleaners rely on sectioned cleaning poles that offer a range of lengths to meet different cleaning requirements. These poles can reach 50 feet or more in length but can be reduced in length for shorter windows. 

Relying on a Water Fed Pole

When choosing a 40-foot window cleaning pole or higher, you should really use a water-fed pole system for optimal results. A water-fed pole doesn’t rely on as much technique as cleaning with a squeegee does, which makes it ideal for greater heights. 

The best window cleaner for hard-to-reach windows is an adjustable water-fed pole system. It sprays out filtered water to clean away any debris and leave behind a streak-free finish. As long as you select a quality window cleaning pole with a hose attachment and a professional brush, you can achieve excellent results with one of these systems. 

Are Magnetic Cleaners an Easy Way to Clean Exterior Windows?

Some homeowners are turning to magnetic window cleaners as an easy way to clean windows up high. These simple tools work by dipping a scrub brush in a special solution, opening your window slightly, and mounting the scrubber tool on the outside surface. By moving the magnet inside, you can operate the external scrubber that also has a magnet and clean your windows. 

These tools are interesting, but they don’t achieve the same level of cleanliness as a professional can. It’s best to work with a pro that will use an extension pole to thoroughly clean your exterior windows for you. The magnetic cleaner and other outside window cleaning hacks don’t work nearly as well as professional cleaning techniques

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How do you clean high windows with a pole?

Either operate a scrub brush and squeegee with poles or run a water-fed pole with an attached hose to properly clean windows up high. 

How do you clean windows that are too high to reach?

Use an extension pole for windows of up to 50 feet. Use large ladders, cranes, or specialized lifts for higher windows. 

How long should a window cleaning pole be?

Window cleaning poles using a squeegee should be between 15 and 30 feet. Water-fed poles can go from 10-100 feet. However, most professionals stop at 50 feet. 

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professionals use a scrub brush and squeegee or a specialized water-fed pole cleaning system to wash windows. 

What tools do professional window cleaners use?

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee, scrub brush, glass scraper, squeegee bucket, washing solution, and extension poles or ladders. 

How to clean second-story windows without a ladder?

Without a ladder, you can still clean windows up to 50 feet using an extension pole and cleaning implements. Use a standard pole-mounted squeegee for 30 feet and lower, or swap to a complex water-fed pole system for greater heights. 

How to clean unreachable windows?

Use an extension pole with a squeegee and scrubber or a water-fed pole setup to clean windows you can’t reach from the ground, or a short ladder. For extremely high windows, you can use a crane or lift to clean them safely.  

How to clean second-story windows with a hose?

Use a water-fed pole system. The system pumps filtered water through the hose onto the windows for cleaning power. 

How to clean outside windows you can’t reach?

Attach a scrub brush and squeegee to an extension pole and clean like normal. You can also invest in a water-fed pole system to clean windows up high without a ladder. 

What is the longest window cleaning pole?

The longest window cleaning pole that you’re likely to find is 100 feet. This should only be used with a water-fed pole system equipped with a powerful pump. This height is too great to operate a squeegee effectively. 

How to clean sliding windows without removing them?

Open one side of your sliding windows and remove the screen. Reach out with a scrub brush and scrub the glass thoroughly. Now reach out with a squeegee and wipe away the solution for a streak-free finish. Slide the windows to the other side and repeat this process on the remaining window. 

How to clean outside windows from inside your apartment?

The best way to clean outside windows from inside your apartment is to open the window and reach out to clean using a scrub brush and squeegee. 

How to clean hard-to-reach windows from inside your home?

Some exterior windows can be cleaned from inside your home by opening the window and reaching out. This may require removing a screen for you to gain access.

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