What Is the Best Temperature to Wash Outside Windows?

Certain times of the year are better for washing outside windows than others. This is because temperatures vary throughout the year. If window washers attempt to clean windows when it’s too cold, the water will begin to freeze. If temperatures are too high, rapid evaporation can cause streaks and spots. This is why it’s important to understand what is the best temperature for window cleaning

Professional window cleaners try to clean when temperatures are between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-23 C). These temperatures are most common during spring and autumn seasons, making those the best times for outdoor window cleaning. 

Learn more about what makes conditions best for cleaning windows outside, as well as what cleaner you should use in this article.

When Is The Best Time to Wash Outside Windows?

Professional window cleaners can achieve better results by choosing what time they wash outside windows. Cleaning during the right time of the year, as well as the best time of the day, results in a streak-free finish with less work.

Why the Early Morning is Best for Window Washing

It’s best to wash windows during the early hours of the day before the sun is high in the sky. During early morning, sunlight is less intense, which slows evaporation, reducing streaks and spots when washing windows with a squeegee.  

What Is The Best Cleaner For Windows? 

The best outdoor window cleaner and indoor cleaner is a mix of distilled water and dish soap. The only difference is that some pros use a wetting agent in their outdoor cleaning solution. Adding a special agent slows the drying process on hot or sunny days and helps prevent streaks. 

A simple blend of distilled water and dish soap is normally enough to clean away stubborn grime when added to a scrubber. This solution works with a scrubber and squeegees for cleaning. Some cleaners rely on a water-fed pole system and filtered water instead. 

Using a Water-Fed Pole Instead

Instead of a traditional scrubber tool and a squeegee, many professionals invest in a water tank, a pump, a filtration system, and a water-fed pole for professional window cleaning. This is the best window cleaning setup for hard-to-reach windows. The best hose spray window cleaner is simply filtered water through a high-quality water-fed pole system. 

A water-fed pole is efficient at higher heights but offers similar or even slower results as compared to a traditional squeegee setup at low heights. Many pros use a mix of water-fed poles and squeegees when cleaning residential and commercial windows. 

When Is It Time To Clean Your Gutters?

The best time to clean gutters is the beginning of spring and the end of fall. Most homeowners can maintain a healthy home by clearing their gutters out at least twice a year, and following the early spring and late fall schedule helps ensure you don’t have too much debris to worry about during intense rainfall. 

By cleaning the gutters near the end of fall, you’ll remove any accumulated debris before winter, when regular precipitation can cause issues if your gutters are clogged. It’s best to remove any buildup at the beginning of spring before rain showers start putting your gutters to work. Hiring a professional to do at least a biannual cleaning will help you avoid issues. 

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What is the fastest way to wash outside windows?

The fastest way to wash outside windows is by using a large squeegee and scrub brush, and an extension pole for higher windows. A water-fed pole system is the fastest solution when washing windows higher than 30 feet up. 

What is the best temperature to wash outside windows?

When temperatures are between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-23C), the conditions are optimal for washing windows. 

When is it too cold to wash windows?

When temperatures drop below the freezing point, it’s too cold to wash windows using traditional methods. Some cleaners add antifreeze liquid to their cleaning solution to clean in these frigid temperatures. 

The best temperature to wash outside windows is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-23C). If you’re washing at colder temperatures, the windows take longer to dry, and cleaning can become unpleasant. 

When is the best time to clean the outside windows?

Choose an overcast day between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-23C) for optimal streak-free results. 

How do you clean outside windows from inside?

Some windows can be opened to allow outside access from within. These windows can be cleaned using a small scrubber and squeegee. Most pros clean exterior windows from the outside, though. 

What is the best solution for cleaning outside windows?

The optimal solution for exterior windows is simply distilled or filtered water and dish soap. Some professionals add ammonia or a wetting agent to the water. Other pros use a water-fed pole and filtered water without any special solution for cleaning. 

What temperature is best for cleaning windows?

Choose a temperature between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-23C) for the best cleaning conditions. 

What is the best way to clean windows without streaking?

Either use a scrubber and squeegee with proper technique and a lightly soapy solution or a water-fed pole and filtered water. 

How often do you clean gutters with no trees?

If your home is free of trees, you can clean gutters once a year with good results. 

How do professionals clean gutters?

Some pros utilize a powerful vacuum and pressure washer for cleaning out gutters. Others use scrub brushes and hands to clean them. Either option works well for cleaning gutters out completely. 

How long does it take to clean gutters?

Properly maintained gutters on an average-sized home take less than one hour for a professional to clean. Poorly maintained gutters will take up to two hours to clean. 

Should gutters be cleaned before winter?

Yes, it’s vital to clean gutters before winter to remove any fallen leaves, sticks, and other debris from the fall. 

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