What Is the Difference Between Window Washing and Window Cleaning?

If you decide your windows need to be cleaned, you’re probably considering hiring a window cleaning service. Before you bring in the pros, make sure you know the difference between window washing and window cleaning.

The terms sound interchangeable, but they really aren’t. You might get lower prices for window washing than you do for window cleaning, and that’s for a good reason. Learn how the services are different below. 

Is There a Difference Between Window Cleaning and Window Washing?

Before you pay for a window washing rather than a cleaning, consider that you might be getting different services. Both a washing and a cleaning should leave you with streak-free glass, but a washing is a quick service that isn’t as thorough. 

Window washing usually involves spraying on the solution and wiping it away with a squeegee to remove loose surface debris only. This isn’t what’s involved in window cleaning. 

What Is Involved in Window Cleaning?

When you pay for a window cleaning, the professionals apply the solution using a scrubbing tool that removes tough grease and debris. They then use a squeegee to create a streak-free finished clean, but they also clean the surrounding frames. 

Window cleaners are also more willing to remove screens before cleaning. Often a quick window washing isn’t as detailed and could leave behind small spots, stuck-on debris, and marks. 

Is Window Cleaning Worth it?

Window cleaning is the more thorough option, but it comes at a higher cost than window washing. This added cost is often worth the money. 

By having your windows cleaned thoroughly, you’re having all the stuck-on debris removed. This gives you a more satisfying clean and helps prevent scratches on your glass in the future. Your cleaners will also maintain your window frames, helping to prevent an unsightly buildup around your windows. 

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The first question most home and business owners with dirty windows inevitably ask is “How much should I pay someone to clean my windows?” The answer is that it depends. Window cleaning costs are different for residential versus commercial properties. The type and location of your windows also play a role in your final cost. 

Residential Window Cleaning Prices

For residential windows, you should expect to spend between $8 and $15 per window on average. There are added charges for third-story and higher windows. You’ll also pay extra to have your screens cleaned and to have the shutters washed off if you want those added services. 

What Does Window Cleaning Include?

Residential window cleaning often includes removing and replacing the screens, wiping down the frames, and fully scrubbing and rinsing the glass of each window inside and out. Some companies will clean shutters, screens, blinds, and other surroundings, but these services often cost extra. 

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost to clean windows inside and out at a business location? 

Business owners can expect to spend $1.50 per square foot of building space for a window cleaning service. Quotes vary based on the window locations and the number of windows your building has, though. Always consult a professional cleaning service for an accurate quote for your location. 

What Is the Best Window Washing Solution?

When you want the best professional window cleaning solution, you don’t have to go to a specialty chemical supply store. Instead, you can head to any department store with a cleaning section for your materials. 

You can make a powerful homemade window cleaning solution with dish soap and water. Combining these two ingredients is enough to make a cleaner that works with a professional squeegee for impressive streak-free windows. 

To make the cleaner even more potent, create a window washing solution with Jet Dry, dish soap, and water. Adding a small spoonful of Jet Dry helps any dirt remain suspended in your solution, so it can be removed as the glass is rinsed.

How S&K Building Services Helps You Professionally Maintain Your Windows

Having your windows professionally cleaned gives them a professional look and helps them last longer too. Hire S&K Building Services Inc for commercial or residential window cleaning services for a pristine clean. 

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How long does it take to clean windows inside and out?

Each interior or exterior window section takes less than one minute to clean fully by a trained professional with the proper tools. Some additional time may be required when cleaning high exterior windows, especially if a ladder, lift, or scaffolding is being used. 

What do window washers use to clean windows on tall buildings?

Window washers use a large squeegee, a portable solution bucket, and a handheld scrubber along with a crane or a specialized lift. This is only for high-rise buildings that are extremely tall. 

What is the best thing to wash your windows with?

Use a mix of dish soap and water, and consider adding Jet Dry for a reliable cleaning solution. Apply the solution with a window scrubber and wipe it off with a squeegee.

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