What Kind of Soap Do Professional Window Washers Use?

Professional window washers know how to achieve a streak-free clean that helps windows look their best. After seeing the stunning results, you might find yourself wondering what window cleaning solution do professionals use? 

Professional window cleaners use a solution made from dish soap and water to achieve a streak-free clean. The key is to use a small amount of soap and distilled water. Some professionals add ammonia to the water for increased cleaning power. 

What Is the Best Window Cleaner?

Getting familiar with the best window cleaner solution will help improve your own window washing results and help you determine which professional cleaners are right for you as well. 

The best streak-free window cleaner is a simple blend of distilled water and a bit of dish soap. This is the best window cleaner because it breaks up grease and allows the squeegee to slide smoothly. 

Window cleaners usually use basic dish soap to clean windows effectively. This includes Dawn, Palmolive, and other standard products. Some pros also rely on specialized cleaning liquids.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Outside Windows?

Professionals who clean exterior windows use one of two methods to do the job well. Some use soapy water and a scrubber and squeegee. Others use plain water and a water-fed pole cleaning system. 

The squeegee system is often considered to be the best all-around cleaning option, and it is certainly the best way to clean windows inside. This method can be used when cleaning exterior windows as well and is often achieved by mounting a scrubber and a squeegee on extension poles. Other professional cleaners rely on ladders to achieve the height needed to clean properly. 

Why Do Some Pros Use a Water-Fed Pole System Instead?

While many professional window cleaners rely on a squeegee and scrubber with soapy water for cleaning exterior windows, some use a water-fed pole system and plain water instead. 

The cleaners that use a water-fed pole system can achieve an effective clean with less difficult technique, especially for high windows. For cleaning third-story or higher windows with an extension pole, a water-fed pole system is easier to get right. 

These systems are more expensive, and they require a reliable supply of water, but they work well for cleaning exterior windows. If you work with professional window cleaners, they can achieve excellent results using both the traditional squeegee method and a more modern water-fed pole setup. 

Can You Clean Windows with Vinegar?

Vinegar is an effective substance for use in window-washing solutions. If you’re wondering how to clean windows with vinegar, it’s easier than you may realize. 

Combine one part of white vinegar with ten parts of water, and you have an effective grime-cutting solution. Scrub the substance onto windows and use a squeegee to remove it for a streak-free clean. 

Vinegar works well as an agent on its own because it is highly acidic. It doesn’t work as well when combined with dish soap or baking soda, because both are bases that neutralize the acid. Vinegar can be used inside and out, but dish soap is a more capable cleaner and the clear favorite for professional cleaners. 

What Is the Best Homemade Window-Washing Solution?

The best homemade window-washing solution for a squeegee is a few gallons of distilled water with a few small squirts of a high-quality dishwashing liquid, such as Dawn Blue. 

This mixture is tough enough to break down dirt and grease and creates suds to allow the squeegee to slide freely during use. This solution can be a good homemade window cleaner with ammonia as well, and many pros add a small amount of ammonia to the recipe for added strength. 

What Is the Best Streak-Free Window Cleaner?

Cleaning your home’s windows effectively without leaving behind any streaks requires using the right cleaner. It should have a light amount of soap, clean water, and just the right cleaning agents to remove any dirt and grime effectively. 

The best window cleaner for no streaks is the same as above– a small amount of dish soap (Dawn works well) and distilled water. This solution delivers impressive cleaning power and can be used for streak-free results when applied with good technique. 

Distilled water is excellent for window cleaning, because it doesn’t leave behind water spots and other light imperfections like some water with minerals. 

S&K Building Services Inc. Makes It Easy To Maintain Your Windows

While it’s possible to keep your windows clean and in good condition on your own, achieving a pro-grade clean requires the right tools and extensive experience. 

S&K Building Services Inc. makes maintaining your windows fast and easy. Hire an S&K window cleaner today and enjoy a crystal-clear finish that looks great and extends the life of your windows.

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