Why Do My Windows Look Smeared After Cleaning?

When cleaning windows, your overall goal is to remove any dirt, grease, and spots and leave a clear surface behind. You want the glass to be so clean you have a hard time seeing it at all. That’s why it’s frustrating when you start getting streaks after window cleaning takes place. Unfortunately, this happens often. If streaks are a problem for you, learn why they appear and what you can do about them next time you clean your windows. 

What Are the Best Ways to Clean Windows?

There are two methods used by professional window cleaners to get the best results. One method is only usable on exterior windows, while the other is good for interior and exterior surfaces. 

Many commercial window cleaners, and those that want the fastest results, rely on water-fed pole cleaning systems. These setups use expensive extension poles with tubes that allow water to jet up and out. They have water pumps, filtration systems, and more. The setups are expensive, but they clean exterior windows fast and leave no streaks. 

The simpler, and more affordable method of streak-free cleaning is with a cleaning solution, a scrubber, and a squeegee. This method is the best way to clean windows inside, and it creates beautiful exterior window surfaces too

The Best Streak-free Window Cleaner

The best streak-free window cleaner is a simple solution made from distilled water and a slight amount of dish soap. You can add ammonia or a surfactant to your solution as well to clean dirtier windows without leaving behind grime. You’ll find countless professionals washing windows with Dawn because it’s cheap and it works well. 

Why Do My Windows Look Smeared After Cleaning?

If you have smeared windows when you’re finished cleaning, you’ve left cleaning solution, soap, or minerals behind. Whether you have white residue on windows or another blemish, the solution is the same. Clean faster, use cleaner water, and wipe away all your solution, so nothing is left behind. Do that, and your windows will be streak and smear-free. 

How Do I Clean My Windows Streak-Free? 

If you’ve ever tried to clean your windows yourself, you’ve probably encountered some streaking. It’s a frustrating problem that seems impossible to resolve. You can achieve a streak-free finish, though; you just need to know what you’re doing wrong. 

Beat Evaporation to Banish Streaks

Window cleaners are designed to evaporate rapidly. When cleaning in sunlight, warm environments, or dry air, your cleaner will evaporate quickly. If the cleaner evaporates before you can wipe it away, it creates streaks. 

Spray your cleaner over small sections and wipe it away before moving on to avoid streaks if your cleaner is evaporating too fast. 

Fully Remove Cleaning Solution for Less Smears

Any cleaner that’s left behind will create streaks and unpleasant smears. Follow a careful pattern with your squeegee or rag to fully wipe away all traces of your cleaner, and streaks won’t be an issue for you. 

Utilize Distilled or Filtered Water When Cleaning

If you make your own cleaning solution or mix up cleaning tablets, it’s important to avoid using hard water in your recipe. Hard water contains minerals and other contaminants that can stick around as white spots. Use distilled or filtered water to avoid this problem. 

How S&K Building Services Can Get You Streak Free Windows

Achieving streak-free windows when cleaning them yourself is challenging. You can achieve clear windows with enough hard work and the right cleaning solution and tools, but this isn’t something every home or business owner wants to deal with. If you’re tired of streaky and smeared windows, call S&K Building services today. Our reliable and efficient team is ready to help.

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What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professionals use scrubbers and squeegees or water-fed pole systems to clean windows. 

What is the best homemade window cleaning solution?

The best solution is made of 2 gallons of distilled water, 2 tsp of quality dish soap, and 2 tsp of ammonia or 2 Tbsp of Jet Dry. 

How do you clean window glass from the outside?

Wipe the windows with solution, a scrubber, and a squeegee and clean fast. You can also use a water-fed pole to clean exterior windows reliably. 

How do you get rid of streaks on mirrors?

Use distilled or filtered water when making a cleaning solution. Wipe your cleaner away fast, and be careful to fully remove the cleaner before stopping. 

How do professionals clean windows without streaks?

Professionals use pro-grade squeegees with a cleaning solution designed to avoid streaks. They also rely on water-fed poles with filtered water. 

How do you clean windows without streaks using Windex?

Fully remove the Windex before it can evaporate to avoid streaks. 

How do you get rid of streaks on a windshield?

Clean your windshield using high-quality glass cleaners and fully remove dirt, debris, and your cleaning solution fast. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight for a cleaner finish. 

How do you get rid of window streaks on glass?

Clean the windows again using a solution made of soap and filtered water, and fully remove the cleaner using a squeegee and proper technique. 

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