Can You Use Glass Cleaner on Car Windows?

There are many questions that people have about cleaning their car windows. Car glass can be cleaned the same way that home or business glass is cleaned, because it’s all just glass, but car glass is used differently than building glass on a daily basis. Tinted windows also present additional problems for consideration. You likely have all sorts of questions, but one of the most common is can you use glass cleaner on car windows? 

Glass cleaner can be used to clean car windows, and it will achieve streak-free results when combined with a microfiber towel. It’s beneficial to use ammonia-free Windex when cleaning tinted windows and glass around delicate plastics and other surfaces on your vehicle, because you’re less likely to damage anything. 

Selecting the right cleaner and tools will ensure you get your car windows cleaned fully and that they remain clean once you’re finished. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Car Windows?

If you want your car windows to be streak-free and easier to clean over time, you should use a glass cleaner that’s free from ammonia, along with microfiber towels. 

To clean the windows and avoid streaks on car windows that won’t come off, spray half your windshield at a time, and wipe in a circular motion before switching to a fresh towel to dry the window completely. 

How to Clean Inside Car Windows

When cleaning inside car windows, you can use the same cleaner as you do on exterior windows. It’s important to clean smaller sections and to wipe the windows thoroughly with your microfiber towels to prevent streaks in the warmer environment. 

Some people recommend cleaning inside car windows with vinegar, and this can work, but an alcohol-based solution will evaporate more readily and is less likely to cause streaking. 

Best Car Window Cleaning Solution?

Choosing the best car glass cleaner helps guarantee streak-free cleaning results. Pairing an ammonia-free glass cleaner that is well-known and advertises a streak-free finish, such as Whoosh or Invisible Glass with microfiber towel works best. 

What to Look for in a Car Cleaning Solution

When deciding on a car cleaning solution for your vehicle’s windows, there are a few things you should look for. Start by finding cleaners without ammonia. Ammonia-free glass cleaner on car paint won’t do damage. You should also look for a cleaner that’s known for wiping off clear. Find a cleaner that advertises that it’s streak-free, and you should get good results. 

The Best Homemade Car Window Cleaner

When making a homemade car window cleaner, you can get an effective clean using half white vinegar or half isopropyl alcohol and half distilled water. These solutions won’t harm any surfaces of your vehicle, and they offer enough cleaning performance to help break down grease and dirt. We recommend obtaining a commercial car window cleaner if you can, but if you need to make one, you can use one of the formulations above. There are many windshield glass cleaner recipes on Reddit, but it’s often the simplest solutions that work the best

How Do I Clean Tinted Windows?

The rules above for cleaning standard car windows work for tinted windows as well, but you must be even more careful when cleaning tinted glass. Always use ammonia-free cleaners, such as Invisible Glass. Also, only use a clean microfiber cloth. Any scrubber that’s harsher than microfiber could scratch your tint. 

As long as you’re using a safe window cleaner and microfiber towels, you should be able to effectively clean your tinted windows. The best glass cleaner for tinted windows is a gentle cleaner that’s free from harsh chemicals that may interact with the tint. 

How S&K Can Ease Your Maintenance Woes

Proper auto maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle running and looking right, but you don’t just have a vehicle. Cleaning and caring for your car’s glass makes it last longer, and the same is true for your home. Only house glass is far more expensive to replace. Allow S&K Building Services to handle your home window cleaning and maintenance. Call and schedule your professional window maintenance today.

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Does Windex have ammonia?

Most bottles of Windex contain ammonia as part of the formula. This form of Windex shouldn’t be used on car windows, because ammonia can damage other car surfaces and materials. 

Can you use Windex on car paint?

It’s best to avoid using Windex on car paint. Windex is too harsh of a cleaner due to its ammonia content and will break down the clear coating protecting your vehicle. 

Can you use Windex on car windows with tint?

Only use ammonia-free Windex products on tinted windows. Using the original Windex will damage your tinted windows and could create unsightly results. 

Can I use Windex on my car interior?

If you decide to use Windex on your car’s interior, choose the ammonia-free glass cleaner. Ammonia can harm vinyl, rubber, paint, and other finishes found inside your vehicle. 

Can you use household glass cleaner on car windows?

It’s fine to use household glass cleaner on car windows, but you must be careful to prevent the cleaner from running onto surrounding car surfaces. Many household glass cleaners contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals that could damage car surfaces. This is why automotive glass cleaners exist. 

What do car detailers use to clean windows?

Auto detailers rely on automotive glass cleaners like Invisible Glass and microfiber towels to clean windows effectively. 

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