The Best Window Cleaning Solution for Home and Professional Use

best windown cleaning solution

Using the best window cleaning solution is essential for getting good results. There are many available solutions to choose from, some commercial and some homemade. Spend some time learning which options are available and which options will give you the best results.

The number one solution for cleaning windows inside and out is a mixture of dish soap and distilled water. Most experts use this basic mixture to effectively clean windows. Sometimes a wetting agent like GLEAM or a drying agent like Jet Dry is used to improve the mixture, depending on weather and conditions.

What Is the Best Homemade Window Cleaning Solution?

It’s tempting to go out and purchase a professional window cleaning solution, but that’s not necessary. Instead, you can create a homemade window cleaner that will work well. 

By using simple ingredients like distilled water and Dawn dish soap, you can create an effective cleaning solution for little cost. 

You can enhance your cleaner by adding a rinse aid or a wetting agent as well, but neither is necessary for an effective clean. 

No Rinse Window Cleaner Recipe

Use the following ingredients for a basic no-rinse cleaner. 

  • 2 liters – Distilled water 
  • 30ml – Dawn dish soap or another leading brand
  • 15ml – Jet Dry or another rinse aid

Follow this simple recipe, and you’ll have a powerful homemade window-washing solution for a squeegee. A Dawn and rinse aid window cleaner is one of the most popular solutions used by professionals today.

Another cleaning product that works well instead of Dawn is Cascade. This dish soap combines with water to create an effective washing solution. Make a window washing solution with Jet Dry as well to help ensure you have streak-free windows with every clean. 

Commercial Window Cleaning Products

It’s tempting to purchase commercial window cleaning solutions such as Windex, Zep, GLIDE, and others, but they aren’t necessary. Many of these commercial cleaners work effectively for cleaning windows, but they cost more than a simple homemade solution. 

For instance, Glass Plus with Jet Dry can achieve a streak-free finish, but it doesn’t offer noticeably better results than simple soap and water when cleaned properly. For those seeking commercial-grade window cleaning solutions, consider the following top choices:

Windex Complete: Enhanced with an ammonia-based formula, this solution excels in cleaning while minimizing streaks. It effectively tackles:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Grease
  • Sticky residues

Seventh Generation Free & Clear: With its plant-derived formula, this versatile cleaner is adept at addressing challenges on windows, glass, stainless steel appliances, and mirrors.

Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner: As the name suggests, this solution ensures a spotless finish. However, given its potent ammonia aroma, it’s advisable to use in open spaces.

Weiman Glass Cleaner: Distinctively a foam-based cleaner, Weiman effectively deals with dense dirt, grease, and grime, all without an overpowering scent.

Stoner Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner: A market favorite, Stoner’s foam solution seamlessly dissolves dirt and grease, guaranteeing a residue-free surface.

Why a Hose Sprayer Isn’t Ideal for Cleaning Windows

It’s convenient to clean up your windows using a Zep window cleaner hose attachment because you can rapidly spread the solution on your external windows. This method doesn’t effectively scrub away grime though. It’s more efficient to clean with a scrubber and a window bucket. 

If you want to use an outdoor window cleaner that attaches to a hose, consider Zep for a solution that works. Just know that you could attain better results with a homemade solution and a bucket and scrubber. 

Is No Wipe Outdoor Window Cleaner Effective?

A no-wipe outdoor window cleaner isn’t an ideal option for any windows. It’s always best to use a squeegee and scrubber to clean your windows. That’s why the best window cleaner for outside windows is simple soap and water. 

Zep is a popular no wipe window cleaner as is Sprayway. Neither achieves results that compare to windows cleaned using a squeegee and scrubber. 

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What is the best way to clean windows without streaking?

Use a pro-grade scrubber and squeegee and clean quickly with proper form and a solution of soap and water. 

What is the best home solution to clean windows?

A mixture of distilled water and dish soap is best. Consider adding a rinse aid to reduce streaks. 

How do you clean windows without wiping?

You can use a no wipe window cleaner, such as products made by Zep. It’s recommended to wipe with a squeegee for the best results though. 

How do you clean outside windows with a hose?

Attach a hose window cleaner to your hose and spray down your windows. Finish with a squeegee. 

What do window cleaners use to clean windows?

Soap and distilled water along with a scrubber, a squeegee, and a window bucket. 

What do professionals use to clean outdoor windows?

A squeegee and scrubber are mounted on an extension pole to reach high windows. Soap and water is the most common exterior cleaning solution. Some professionals add a wetting agent to increase dry times on hot days. 

What is the best home solution to clean windows?

A solution made of Dawn dish soap and distilled water is best. A wetting agent or rinse aid can be added as well. 

Which is better for cleaning windows, ammonia or vinegar?

Both ammonia and vinegar clean windows well, but ammonia makes windows more slippery, making them easier to clean with a squeegee. 

Does vinegar clean better than Windex?

Vinegar and water clean about the same as Windex. The vinegar solution is far cheaper though. 

Are vinegar and Dawn good for cleaning windows?

Vinegar should not be mixed with dish soap for cleaning. The soap cancels the acidity of vinegar, rendering it ineffective. 

What do window washers use to clean windows on tall buildings?

Window washers rely on squeegee and scrubber tools mounted on poles for cleaning tall buildings. Extremely tall buildings require cranes or hoists. 

Is Zep window cleaner safe for plants?

Zep suds are safe on most plants, trees, and shrubs and shouldn’t cause any damage. 

How to clean windows with Windex and paper towels.

Spray on the Windex and wipe it away with paper towels. 

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