What Does Washing High Windows Entail?

One of the toughest challenges that comes with window cleaning is cleaning high exterior windows. Accomplishing this goal requires extensive training and skill as well as the best tools for hard-to-reach windows. Only specialized tools can accomplish this task effectively. Learn what the pros use to clean windows that are 30, 40, or even 10,000 feet off the ground.

What Are The Best Tools For Hard To Reach Windows?

A pole-mounted squeegee and scrubber is the number one cleaning method used by professionals for high windows. Experts can clean several windows without dropping either the scrubber or squeegee back to the ground.

The best window cleaning tools for hard-to-reach windows are often water-fed poles. These costly systems send water through a hose for cleaning but require a water tank and filtration system to work. If you want to know how to clean second-story windows with a hose, a water-fed pole system is the way.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Exterior Windows?

There are two different window cleaning tools for hard-to-reach windows. The first and most convenient is a pole-mounted scrubber and a pole-mounted squeegee. These lightweight tools work on most windows of up to 40 feet in height. The next option is a water-fed pole system. This creates an easy way to clean windows but requires significantly more equipment to use properly. 

  • How Do You Clean Outside Windows That are Too High

When outside windows are too high for a pole cleaning, pros use ladders, cranes or specialty lifts to reach them. 

  • How to Clean Second-Story Windows with a Hose

Some pro cleaners utilize a water-fed pole system. This connects a hose to a specialty pole scrubber. Water is fed through the pole as windows are cleaned. 

  • How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Windows from Inside

Some windows, such as casement windows, can be opened for exterior cleaning on the outside. For extremely high windows, it can be beneficial to open a window from the inside and reach out to clean its exterior using a small squeegee and scrub brush. This technique only works on a small number of window types and usually isn’t what professionals do. 

  • What Is the Best Window Cleaner for Hard to Reach Windows?
  • When streaks on your windows won’t come off, you should utilize a good window cleaner along with a squeegee. A simple mixture of distilled water and a small amount of dish soap works reliably for cleaning windows. Apply the mix with a scrubber and remove it with a squeegee for a streak-free finish. 

What Window Cleaning Tools Do Professionals Use For High Windows?

There are many different window-washing tools for high windows, but poles with squeegees and scrub brushes or water-fed pole systems are the two used by pros. Each option can achieve a streak-free finish, and both use a lightweight window washing pole. 

Along with these two cleaning tools, there are additional window-washing tools for high windows. Extension ladders, cranes, lifts, and belt-mounted buckets are common tools for cleaning the highest windows.

How S&K Building Services Makes Window Cleaning Simple

Cleaning high windows is difficult to do and requires special equipment and years of training and practice. For a professional clean on your high exterior windows, contact S&K Building Services Inc. Our professionals will bring in top-grade equipment with skilled cleaners for a streak-free finish on the highest windows. Call S&K and set up a cleaning today. 

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