What Is the Best Tool for Cleaning Windows?

The first step to effectively cleaning the windows in your own home or becoming a professional window washer is obtaining the right tools. You need to know which tools are the best for the job.

To wash windows correctly, you’ll use a set of core professional window washing tools as well as some condition-specific professional window cleaning tools. Some tools, such as a squeegee, are essential for every job. Other items, like an extension pole, are only necessary sometimes. 

As you learn how windows are cleaned by pros and build an understanding of which tools you need, you can begin achieving professionally-cleaned windows. 

How to Clean Glass Windows

Before you begin assembling your tool set, you need to understand the process. Professionals apply a window cleaning solution to the window using a scrubber tool. During the application phase, the pro rubs away any stuck-on debris. 

Once the window is fully coated, the pro removes the solution using a professional window squeegee and a specialized cleaning pattern that doesn’t leave any streaks behind. This is the basic process that every window washer follows to achieve good results. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Clean Glass Windows?

The easiest way to clean glass windows is to use a large window bucket with soapy water and a dual squeegee and scrubber tool. The cleaner dips the tool, scrubs the window thoroughly, and wipes away the liquid with the squeegee. This method is fast and achieves excellent results. 

Compared to spraying Windex and wiping it away using paper towels, this method is faster and more effective by far. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Clean a Large Window?

The same technique that’s used on all other windows is used on large windows too. The only difference is that the scrubber and squeegee tool is mounted on an extension pole to extend the cleaner’s reach. With help from a pole, you can rapidly clean massive windows. 

What are the Best Professional Window Cleaning Tools?

The best professional window cleaning tools are simply a squeegee, a window bucket, scrubbers, and glass scrapers. If you have high-quality versions of these tools, you have what you need for cleaning interior and first-floor windows. 

Window Cleaning Tools for Hard-to-Reach Windows

When the windows become hard to reach, you must rely on extension ladders or extension poles. Cleaning with long poles is more work, requires more strength, and takes time to learn the proper technique. 

What Tools Do I Need to Clean Windows?

There are a few key tools you need to clean windows. You need all of the following items:

  • A window squeegee
  • One or more scrubber tools
  • Solution bucket
  • Microfiber towels

You may also need some or all of the following items.

  • Extension poles
  • Extension ladders
  • Glass scraper tool
  • Brass wool

With access to all the tools above, you can achieve fully clean windows on most homes and businesses. 

Interior vs. Exterior Window Cleaning Tools

When using traditional window cleaning methods, you’ll rely on mostly the same tools inside and outside of the home. If you’ve ever wondered, “how do professionals clean house windows,” the answer is by scrubbing on a window solution and removing it with a squeegee and microfiber towels. This is the optimal solution for all interior windows, and many pros use a similar setup on exterior windows too. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Outside Windows

When cleaning outside windows, you can rely on a basic squeegee and scrubber setup along with extension poles, or you can use a water-fed brush system, a water tank, and a filter system. 

Both options work well, but homeowners are better served by the traditional squeegee and scrubber method, and many professionals prefer using the traditional method, because they can achieve similar results without as much specialized equipment. 

Most professionals rely on extended squeegee and scrubber setups, but some utilize a water-fed pole solution instead. Both options work for most situations, and you can use either method to give your exterior windows a streak-free finish. 

What Tools Do You Need to Clean an Unreachable Window?

If you’re cleaning an unreachable window, you either need an extension ladder or an extension pole. Both options can do the job well, but the height of the window will determine which is best. 

When cleaning outside windows that aren’t in reach, you can use a traditional scrubber and squeegee and an extension ladder or you can use those tools mounted on poles. 

How Do You Clean Impossible-to-Reach Windows?

Some windows are impossible to reach, even with long ladders. In these instances, you must rely on cranes, specialized lifts, and other equipment that will raise you into the air. 

How to Pick the Best Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

When choosing a pole for exterior window cleaning, there are a few factors to consider. The best extension pole for window cleaning is long enough, lightweight, durable, and has reliable clamps. 

The best telescopic window cleaning pole is made from full carbon fiber and offers rigid performance while being lightweight. The top pole will also have a reliable clamp system with replaceable clamps you can swap in over time. 

What Is the Best Window Cleaning Solution?

The best professional window cleaning solution is a mix of distilled water, or water from a reverse osmosis system, and a slight amount of dish soap. Some professionals add ammonia to the solution as well to help with severe grime. This homemade solution allows a squeegee to glide well, and it cleans off grease and debris easily.  

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