What Time of Year Is Best for Window Cleaning?

Having your windows cleaned a few times a year is an investment that will pay for itself fast. Clean windows don’t just look nice, they also perform better and last longer. That’s why it makes sense to pay for a few window cleanings per year. If you decide to have your windows cleaned, you must get them cleaned at the right time. Learn which month and temperature is best for exterior window cleaning services, and you’ll enjoy the best results at the lowest prices. 

What Is Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a professional service designed to create clear, efficient, and functional windows. Before hiring a cleaning professional, you should know what a cleaning includes so you know what to expect. 

What Is Included with Window Cleaning?

A professional window cleaning usually includes washing the interior and exterior glass panes and the sills and frames of each window. When you hire professionals, you should expect these services and nothing more. Most companies will clean screens, blinds, and shutters as well, but only for an additional cost. 

What Is the Difference Between Window Washing and Window Cleaning?

If you go to hire professional cleaners, you’ll notice some providers offer window washing, and others offer window cleaning. These services are sometimes the same, but they can be different as well. 

Window cleaning is more thorough than washing and often involves heavy scrubbing to achieve a flawless clean that’s perfectly clear. Window washing is a quick process meant for light cleaning.

How to Find a Professional for Window Cleaning Near Me

Professional window cleaning is a useful service that preserves your windows and can save you on energy costs. To have your windows cleaned, you must find and hire a reputable cleaning provider. If you want to locate a professional for residential window cleaning, look at local reviews and talk with companies that are known for offering excellent service. 

Ask what services are included with cleaning, and inquire about prices to help you select the right company for your needs. Don’t choose the cheapest provider when going through this process, or you could end up with low-quality results. 

What Is the Best Time of Year to Clean Windows?

Before scheduling a professional window cleaning, you must determine what time of year is best for window cleaning. If you hire professionals during the wrong month, you could end up with subpar results, or you may pay more than necessary. 

The simple answer to “what time of year should I clean my windows?” is during the seasons with mild weather. For most, that means fall and spring. These months have the best cleaning temperatures and should facilitate the best cleaning results. 

Is Spring or Fall Better for Window Cleaning?

Both spring and fall are good times to hire a window cleaner, but which is the best season to wash windows? We strongly believe that spring is best overall. If you’re wondering why spring is the best time of year to wash windows, it’s because your windows get dirtiest in the winter. Once winter is over, your windows will be in desperate need of deep cleaning. 

What Is the Best Temperature to Clean Outside Windows?

Spring and fall are the best seasons to have your windows cleaned in most locations because they offer the best temperature to wash outside windows. When you hire a window cleaning company, try to schedule your cleaning at a time when the outside temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10-24C). 

At these mild temperatures, the cleaning solution will evaporate effectively to leave a clean surface behind. Warmer temperatures cause the water to evaporate too fast and leave streaks. Cooler temperatures can lead to freezing or failure to evaporate at all. 

When Should You Not Clean Windows?

It’s important to know when not to have window cleaners at your home as well. You want to avoid having your windows cleaned during extremely high temperatures or bright sunny days. You should also avoid having your windows cleaned when temperatures fall below the freezing point. If it’s too cold outside, special tools, cleaning solutions, and heaters must be used to properly clean your windows, and those things come at a cost. It is possible to wash windows in cold weather, but it’s not efficient or desirable. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows?

Even if you don’t intend to clean your windows, you should know the best way to clean windows. Knowing this information helps you evaluate any professional cleaners that you hire. The best window cleaner tool is either a squeegee and scrubber for inside and out or a water-fed pole setup for exterior windows. Most professionals will rely on these tools. 

The best cleaning solution is a simple soap and water mixture and may include a wetting agent, a surfactant, and another cleaning agent like ammonia. These solutions are usually mixed by the pro, and they result in a streak-free finish. This mix is the best window cleaner for no streaks. 

What Is the Best Way to Wash Inside Windows?

The optimal way to clean inside windows is to use a squeegee and scrubber along with a soapy solution. The windows are cleaned with a special technique, and the sills and frame are wiped dry with a towel. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Outside Windows?

The same technique used for interior windows can be used for exterior as well, but many professionals opt for a water-fed pole cleaning setup instead. They use special scrub brushes equipped with a water hose and pump that distributes filtered water to the window during cleaning. These setups are costly but highly effective. 

The best window cleaner for outside windows is the same for the interior and includes a mix of soap and water and possibly bleach. Many cleaners add a wetting agent like Winsol Super Slip as well during warm weather to slow evaporation and prevent streaks. 

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

It’s best to have your windows cleaned at least twice a year, and sometimes more, depending on how fast they become dirty. This is the answer to how often to clean windows outside and inside, which is why most cleaners do both during a cleaning visit. 

How Often Should I Clean My Window Sills?

Professional cleaners will clean the sills of your windows during a visit, but to maintain the sills, you’ll need to clean them more than twice a year.  To keep your sills looking good, spray them with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down once a week. This prevents dust buildup. 

How S&K Building Services Can Help Clean Your Windows

Deep window cleaning protects the health of your windows and makes them look better. Call S&K Building Services and hire a team of cleaners to clean and restore your windows. Our efficient and reliable window cleaning services team is ready to help. 

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What is the best homemade window cleaning solution?

The best solution is a mixture of soap and water. The solution may also include ammonia, a surfactant, and a wetting agent, but these aren’t necessary for good results. 

How much should I pay to clean my windows?

You should expect to pay between $8 and $20 per window when having them professionally cleaned. 

How much does it cost to wash one window?

A single window costs between $8 and $20 to have cleaned, depending on its location and type. 

What is the cost to clean windows inside and out?

Most window cleaners include inside and out cleanings during a visit. They charge an average of $8 to $20 per window. 

What does window cleaning include?

Professional window cleaning includes cleaning the inside and outside glass of the window, the sills, and the frame. 

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee and scrubber or a water-fed pole system to clean windows. 

How do you clean car windows in the winter?

Use a special cleaning solution that won’t freeze, and scrub and squeegee the window. Finish cleaning your windows by wiping them using a microfiber towel. 

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